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AMD Zen 4 & AM5 to launch on the 15th of September

AMD’s AM5 and Zen 4 releasing already in September?

Updated: Jun 27, 2022 10:49 am
AMD Zen 4 & AM5 to launch on the 15th of September

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AMD Zen 4 CPUs are the next generation of processors in the Ryzen family, codenamed “Raphael”, they are going to launch alongside a brand new motherboard as they require a new socket shape. This new socket type isn’t anything new, however, as intel has used this standard for many years now. 

The brand new 7000 series CPUs are launching on the LGA (Land Grid Array) as opposed to the standard Ryzen PGA (Pin Grid Array), as the LGA standard is much cheaper and easier for AMD to manufacture. This is why Zen 4 requires a whole new motherboard and socket standard, we will definitely see AM5 launch alongside its Zen 4 counterpart. 

AMD Ryzen 7000 series may officially hit shelves on September 15th. 

A Twitter leaker @wxnod has leaked a picture of a presentation pertaining to the release of Zen 4 and AM5. 

During a presentation in China, presumably for local distributors and PC part retailers, the person giving the presentation may have accidentally confirmed the date Ryzen 7000 series and AM5 motherboards become available to the public (although, this could be China-only we do doubt that as it’s never happened before). 

AMD CPU conference AMD zen 4 release on 15th September
Source: “wxnod” Twitter


During the presentation, one of the slides indicated that the Zen 4 series and accompanying AM5 motherboards could be available to purchase on September 15th. The slide in question marked September 15th as the “on-sale” date. 

Interesting to note that the September 15 “on-sale” date should put the Zen 4 CPUs a month before Radeon 7000 series, which is the exact same release window we saw the last launch with the Zen 5 5000 series and Radeon 6000. 

This rumor should definitely be taken with a pinch of salt as there are some inconsistencies in the image. For example, the table cloth states “Ryzen 5000 series” but hey, maybe AMD just really liked their 5000 series CPUs. However, the users in the comment section are understandably voicing their skepticism. 

We can’t wait to see what AM5 and Zen 4 bring to the table, and by the looks of things, we might not have to wait that long. 

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