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Biggest Moments In Gaming This Summer

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Summer 2020 has been…something. We’ve been stuck in the throws of a global pandemic, there have numerous heatwaves, and rioting is still happening across the globe. Thank the gods we have video games to help us get through, right? We take a look back at the biggest moments in gaming from this summer; the good, the bad, and everything else to reminisce on one of the strangest periods of our lives.

This summer has been jam-packed full of great moments, it was hard to single out just one. We’ve had some truly impressive titles added to our game libraries and they’ve certainly helped pass all these lockdown hours we’ve been faced with.

The summer began with a big win for Playstation gamers as The Last Of Us Part II finally dropped in June to a mixed reception, followed by Ghost of Tsushima in July which saw everyone filling their social media feeds with shots from the photo mode. Then we PC gamers got a glimpse of their world when Death Stranding hit PC for the first time, and Grounded released on both PC and Xbox shortly after. Of course, we can’t not mention the console games that took the summer by storm, most notably – Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Final Fantasy VII Remake. These titles gave gamers a taste of nostalgia in an updated package and really helped us keep spirits up.

Oh, and let’s not forget the announcement that we’re finally getting another Fable game! I’ve waited years for this and I guess that means I might need to get my hands on the Xbox Series X later this year to play!

We’re already used to hearing about upcoming games having their release dates delayed, it’s becoming part and parcel of being a gamer. And, with so much of the world working from home and with stock issues, and the economy going through another “rough patch” it’s no surprise that this summer has been rife with such delays. In fact, here are all the game release delays we’ve seen over the last few months:

  • Marvel’s Avengers – May 15th -> September 4th
  • Cyberpunk 2077 – April 16th -> November 19th
  • Dying Light 2 – Spring 2020 -> TBD
  • Gods And Monsters – Early 2020 -> April 2020-March 2021
  • Halo Infinite – “Holidays” 2020 -> 2021
  • Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 – March 2020 -> 2021
  • Watch Dogs: Legion – March 6th -> October 29th

June 2020 saw a raft of allegations being made within the gaming industry, mostly from women speaking out about harassment and sexism within the sector. These allegations saw more than one prominent figure in video games step down from their positions as a response. Luckily, unlike the Gamergate issues in 2014, most of these allegations have been met with support and calls for action from those in positions of power.

Online events were canceled, and statements were made from numerous gaming companies. Now, we just need to see the appropriate action being taken across the board to make this industry more welcoming to those who still feel like they’re on the outside looking in.

This new chaotic battle-royale released at the start of August on Steam and as one of the free games for PS Plus members and it became an instant sensation. It was clear the developers hadn’t expected this, despite there being 36 million PS Plus subscribers that would be downloading and playing the game out the gate, and the launch has been plagued with server issues.

But, this hasn’t stopped the game from gracing the front page of Twitch and sending everyone into fits of laughter and anger all at once. By making this a battle royale that doesn’t rely on shooting each other, they’ve opened up the audience to so many more players, and the irreverent and adorable design has made it a big hit on social media. In fact, the game’s official social media account has become a force all of its own and has been interacting with a number of big-name games with memes, jokes, and general kookiness.

As soon as you play a few rounds of Fall Guys, it’s easy to see why it became so popular so fast. I only hope that this little game from Devolver Digital is able to keep up with demand and stop the servers from crashing every few hours. I’ve still to get to the final round and I need to get my practice in, dammit!

With the coronavirus pandemic sweeping across the globe people from all walks of life have been confined to their homes to help stop the spread. Now, anyone that’s been to a big gaming event or convention will be well-versed with the phrase “con plague” because you almost always get sick after being around so many people in such tightly packed spaces. So, it’s no wonder that this year’s top gaming events all moved online.

And, it shows no signs of changing anytime soon either. CES 2021, which takes place in January, has already announced that their conference will take place online. So, no Las Vegas trip for us this year.

While it’s definitely a shame to miss out on the regular events throughout the year that we all know and love, seeing people there, getting up close and personal with new games and tech, it’s all for the best. And, the online events have actually been pretty solid.

Time for a bit of shameless self-promotion! After months and months of behind the scenes planning, we were finally able to launch our brand-new WePC podcast! This has been a dream for many of us for some time, so it’s been amazing to bring it to life – even in the middle of a pandemic. The first episodes are already live and you can listen to us on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and a bunch of other podcast streaming services, as well as on YouTube.

Each week we bring a new gaming debate to the table and dive into the important details like: What was the Spice Girls Playstation game all about? Can anyone remember the Wii Sports opening music? And, does Mitch the Intern really exist?

Make sure to tune in every Wednesday to find out!

Summer may be coming to a close, but the year still has plenty to offer us. Let’s take a look at the big gaming moments we’re most looking forward to for the rest of 2020.

We’ve still got some pretty heavy-hitter games due to grace our shelves in the coming months that have us excited. Granted, we should have had these in our hands already for the most part before delays, but we would always rather wait for the best game than get a sub-par version on time.

Cyberpunk 2077 has long been one of the most anticipated new game releases, ever since Keanu made that appearance in the announcement trailer back at E3 2019. Pre-orders for the game are already open, so make sure to grab your copy so you’re ready on launch day: November 19th 2020.

The latest Dungeons and Dragons video game is also set to hit shelves this year, although we’re still waiting on the official release date at the time of writing. Following on from the hugely popular Baldur’s Gate/ 2 games, this looks set to bring the series firmly into the modern era.

Another one of the AAA titles releasing in the second half of 2020 is Marvel’s Avengers. While this game has had something of a rocky start in the run-up to the September 4th release, we’re still looking forward to the full release.

The Assassin’s Creed series is getting another entry this year with the release of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla on November 17th. This time, we’re heading back to the time of the Vikings and the trailers have already got us excited.

But, it’s not just the games themselves that have us excited. There are some pretty hot new tech releases coming up this year too that we can’t wait to get our hands on.

Consoles: Xbox Series X And PS5

Of course, the upcoming next-generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony are still the talk of the town, even for us PC gamers. How will these new consoles change the way games are made? We can’t wait to find out.

AMD Ryzen 5000 Series

The next AMD CPU is right on the horizon with the launch of the Cezanne chips due sometime this year. These 5000 Series processors should see improved performance and can be used in new custom PC builds.

Nvidia Ampere

Thankfully, we’ve been granted a bit more information about the upcoming Nvidia Ampere GPUs that are set to release this year with rumored specifications and variant options on the table. We’ll be watching Nvidia’s live event on September 1st with eagle eyes to make sure we don’t miss a thing.

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