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Intel announces enterprise Xeon CPU roadmap

Intel turns up the heat

Updated: Oct 20, 2022 3:35 pm
Intel announces enterprise Xeon CPU roadmap

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Intel states that they are currently working on brand-new enterprise CPUs, with brand-new platforms and strategies to refresh their now-ageing lineup of enterprise CPU systems. At their Investor Day event, the company put out a future roadmap for Intel Xeon SP server chips. While it was lacking some details, these server CPUs are using the ‘Intel 3’ process, also known as a 5nm process. With new chips poised to release in 2022, Intel is looking to shake up the industry once again with their server and enterprise-level chips, beginning in 2022.

Intel Xeon CPU roadmap

Xeon Roadmap

This two-track roadmap focuses on two distinct segments, customers needing efficiency, based on the Sierra Forrest chips, and using efficiency cores for its datacenter lineup, and has sped up production on the Intel 3 process, which is now slated for 2024 between both of these chips. Also, we have seen that while Sierra Forrest chips have been sped up from the expected timeline, Granite Rapids has been delayed by a year. This means that the public-facing server roadmap has to rely on their current Intel 7 chips until they can roll out the brand-new Intel 3 process, which is a hell of a long time to wait for a brand-new process node.

Intel commands 90% of data center market share, meaning that customers will be ready and waiting to purchase these brand-new processors. This is due to some disarray with the process node manufacturing over at Intel, which has failed to scale quite as quickly as AMD have with the founding of new processors. This is the first time that we’ve seen an official Intel Xeon roadmap since 2019, so now with a plan for the next few years in hand.

All of Intel’s new processors announced yesterday

CPURelease YearProcess NodeCore type
Sapphire Rapids 2022Intel 7P-Core
Emerald Rapids2023Intel 7P-Core
Granite Rapids2024Intel 3P-Core
Sierra Forest2024Intel 3E-Core

As announced, you can find all of Intel’s Xeon Processor roadmaps up to 2024. This is more than we have gotten for years, which means that Intel is poised to keep its crown in dominating the server and enterprise space. As of right now, AMD has not announced further timelines for any of its processors beyond 2023. This means that AMD is also poised to bite back with their own line of processors, as this multi-year plan could spell new innovations and fiercer than ever competition between Team Red and Team Blue.

The competition is heating up

After a period of relative stagnation for server CPUs and architecture, Intel and AMD both are looking to turn up the heat on the competition with brand-new processes that all promise more power efficiency in order to get the most performance per watt on their systems. This is all in the midst of the global semiconductor shortage, which may have had an impact upon the roadmaps of both companies that were previously unveiled. Meaning that these CPUs could see some delays, but you can safely assume that the businesses have already booked out their foundries to handle the enterprise production of these CPUs. This is not a consumer product, strictly speaking, meaning that it’s more limited towards most of the CPUs that are business and enterprise-focused, so for those looking for faster speeds and more cores for gaming, you’ll want to look elsewhere instead. This is a much wider gambit that could net the company a huge amount of cash, which is obviously the end goal for these businesses.

Ultimately, it’s going to be a really interesting couple of years in the enterprising CPU space, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for any brand-new developments and pricing for these upcoming CPUs.

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