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Skate Story Revealed By Devolver Digital

Updated: Jun 9, 2022 11:51 pm
Skate Story Revealed By Devolver Digital

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Devolver Digital has revealed a brand-new skating game with an incredible trailer. That game is Skate Story, a new game that you can wishlist right now.

Skate Story Coming Soon

Skate Story was revealed in a gameplay trailer to be a game about playing as a demon made of glass in a game with music by Blood Cultures. It looks a little adventurer where it’s up to you to do tricks and find your way through the underworld without turning into a thousand tiny pieces. It brings a whole new meaning to throwing stones in glass houses. The steam page reads:

Ollie, kickflip, and grind your way through the ash and smoke of the Underworld as you take on a seemingly impossible quest. Skate fast to destroy demons and save other tortured souls on your journey from a fragile beginner to a hardened skater.”

The game is currently listed for a 2023 release date.

What is Skate Story?

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Skate Story is part of a huge resurgence in skating games over the last year, with games such as OlliOlli World, Skate 4, SkateBird and more. It’ll be interesting to see how exactly this game differs from the rest of the games on this list, and when exactly we’ll be seeing more of the game but we can’t wait to see what comes out.

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