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Is the RTX 4070 more powerful than the Xbox Series X & S?

We compared RTX 4070 vs Xbox Series X vs Xbox Series S performance, price and specs

Updated: Apr 13, 2023 11:16 am
Is the RTX 4070 more powerful than the Xbox Series X & S?

In the contest between the new RTX 4070 vs Xbox Series X / S, is the RTX 4070 more powerful than the Xbox Series X & S? How does the new graphics card line up against these consoles when comparing its specs and value for money? Read on for all the details.

RTX 4070 vs Xbox Series X vs Xbox Series S specs

The Xbox consoles both come with AMD GPUs: the Scarlett (for the Series X) and the Lockhart (for the Series S).

Although it’s hard to compare the two directly, given the different tech used by Nvidia and AMD, the Xbox consoles are behind the RTX 4070 in almost every respect, especially the much less powerful Xbox Series S.

To note that the Xbox Series X has an unusual split VRAM setup where it uses 6x 16GB GDDR6 chips and 4x 8GB GDDR6 chips, both with different memory bandwidth.

RTX 4070Xbox Series XXbox Series S
CUDA Cores/Shaders5,8883,3281,280
VRAM12GB GDDR6X10GB GDDR6 effective (6/10 16GB + 4/10 8GB)8GB GDDR6
Memory bus192-bit320-bit128-bit
Memory clock21 Gbps14 Gbps (effective)14 Gbps (effective)
Memory Bandwidth504GB/s560GB/s (for 16GB) 336GB/s (for 8GB)224GB/s
GPU clock2,475 MHz1,825 MHz1,565 MHz

RTX 4070 vs Xbox Series X vs Xbox Series S performance: is the RTX 4070 more powerful?

In games the Xbox Series X will hit around a max of 60FPS at 4K resolution (it isn’t capped to this but in reality this is what the hardware can manage) or around 120FPS at 1440p (120Hz refresh rate also being the maximum display output that the XBox supports).

The Xbox Series S is substantially less powerful, an averages around 60FPS at 1440p resolution, though can achieve above this at 1080p. In terms of display output it is also capped at 120Hz.

By contrast, the RTX 4070 can achieve around 90FPS at 4K in moderately demanding titles (though not the most demanding AAA titles like CyberPunk 2077, when it will perform at around 45-60FPS), or around 100-160 FPS in most titles on max settings. Playing at 1080p resolution will get you even more FPS. The display output is only limited by whatever your display can manage.

Looking at the technical data, the Xbox Series X offers 12.15 TFLOPS FP32 float performance, as well as a 759.2 GFLOPS FP64 double performance. The RTX 4070 in contrast offers 29 TFLOPs of FP32 and 455.4 GFLOPS of FP64.

RTX 4070 vs Xbox Series X vs Xbox Series S price

The RTX 4070 Founder’s Edition is available for $599/£589, although obviously it’s only one component and you need to pay for the rest of the PC on top of this (assuming you’re not just upgrading the graphics card in your existing PC and not touching anything else).

The Xbox Series X can now be bought for $499/£449 whereas the Xbox Series S costs $299/£249.

RTX 4070 vs Xbox Series X vs Xbox Series S – which is best?

A PC equipped with an RTX 4070 graphics card undoubtedly has a higher ceiling for performance than a Xbox Series X is capable of, and a higher average FPS performance across most games. However there may be some titles, played on certain resolutions in which the performance gap isn’t particularly huge, and the Xbox Series X is both cheaper and comes with all the other hardware you need included in the price, besides the TV/display.

The Xbox Series S is significantly less powerful than the Xbox Series X, but is a lot cheaper. Really it’s a budget option best geared for 1080p gaming.

All things considered, the ‘best’ option for you depends on what you’re looking for – what resolution you’ll be gaming on and how much you’re willing to pay for better FPS performance.

See our where to buy RTX 4070 page if you’re looking to pick up one of these new GPUs in your region, or click on the below products if you fancy yourself a new console.

ASUS Dual GeForce RTX 4070


Base clock:

1,920 MHz

Boost clock:

2,475 MHz

Memory Size:

12 GB

Memory clock:

21 Gbps



Product Dimensions:


Microsoft Xbox Series X

Xbox series X


8X Cores Zen 2





Microsoft Xbox Series S

Xbox Series S


8X Cores Zen 2 (3.6GHz)


RDNA 2 Lockhart



RTX 4070 vs Xbox Series X vs Xbox Series S FAQs

What is equivalent to the RTX 4070?

Without artificial frame generation (i.e. DLSS) turned on, the RTX 4070 performs closest to the RTX 3080 graphics card, although around 2%-5% worse on average, depending on the game and resolution.

Once you turn on DLSS, the more advanced DLSS 3.0 in the RTX 4070 could mean that it outperforms slightly.

What RTX is equivalent to Xbox Series X?

The Xbox Series X is closest power and performance terms to the RTX 3070 when you’re looking at in-game FPS, though in certain scenarios it will outperform this card.

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