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AFK Arena Hunting Fields Tips and Tricks

If you need some tips and tricks for the AFK Arena Hunting Fields, we've got some help for you to make things easier.

Updated: Dec 7, 2021 10:03 am
AFK Arena Hunting Fields Tips and Tricks

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The AFK Arena Hunting Fields are back this December and you can start your journey with your friends. In groups of 5, make your way across the AFK Arena Hunting Fields to defeat Oleus.

The Hunting Fields is just a temporary event in the Dark Forest that some players might think is similar to the Abyssal Expedition event. But you can only unlock the Hunting Fields after beating Campaign 19-40. Players can move through the fields and conquer lands, gain noble titles and obtain various rewards, either solo (where you’ll be paired with random squad members) or with a team of 4 friends. There is also an option for players to join a team as a spectator where they are not required to do anything, but only earn 80% of the rewards as a result. Each team can have up to 10 spectators.

Throughout the AFK Arena Hunting Fields are a variety of mini-bosses to fight which will grant the player with loot, hero runes, and hunters marks.

AFK Arena Hunting Fields Guide

We’ll go through some tips and tricks that’ll help you get through this event easily.

  • Team up with your friends and Guild members rather than strangers. You’ll be less likely to be abandoned then.
  • Once the event starts, focus on acquiring all camps as soon as possible, up to the limit.
  • Avoid using x2 or x4 Speed as you could lose unexpectedly.
  • Don’t attack the mini bosses in the second zone after you unlock it, focus on attacking the mini bosses in the first zone.
  • Combine all the relics after you have the material to save Hunter Marks.
  • Transfer all your relics o the shared bag automatically. You don’t need most of the relics you have, it’s better to share.

Attacking the Bosses

Don’t be too hasty, to make sure you beat the bosses you”ll need to strategise.

  • Alna: Don’t go after them until the main carries have 3-0 Relics
  • Khazard: When main has 4-0 Relics.
  • Oleus: When main has 4-2 Relics.

AFK Arena Hunting Overview

So, going over it all. You won’t be able to unlock this event until after Campaign Chapter 19, then you and your friends (or strangers) can go in teams of 5 to attempt to beat the various bosses.

But be aware! This event will only last 7 days.

This whole game event is all of strategy and making the most of your resources. Remember that attacking camps will cost you Stamina, but Heroes can recover 3 Stamina per hour. And you’re going to need to occupy and attack camps to get Hero Runes, Loot and Hunter Marks. All of which are integral to winning the overall Hunting Fields challenge.

You’re going to need Challenge Seals too, as they’re used for Hunting Challenges. You can get them by increasing the hunting squad’s level or through gifts between hunting squad members.

If you have a reliable team, good heroes and a degree of strategy, you and your team will soar through this challenge.

Best Heroes and Teams for Boss Fights

When it comes to boss fights, there are some Heroes who are simply better equipped to fight them. CHAD and Graveborn Heroes specifically, but we’ve got the ideal team formations here, so try and coordinate with your team mates for it:

  • Lucretia, Raine, Aiz Ooal Gown, Mortas, Elijah and Lailah
  • Albedo, Lucretia, Aiz Ooal Gown, Mortas, Elijah and Lailah
  • Albedo, Aiz Ooal Gown, Mortas, Elijah and Lailah
  • Albedo, Merlin Aiz Ooal Gown, Mortas, Elijah and Lailah
  • Daimon, Izold, Grezhul, Silas and Ferael

The Final Boss Oleus

Once you’ve slowly but surely made your way across the AFK Arena Hunting Fields, you’ll finally get to Oleus. Defeating him is a challenge but as long as you cooperate and work smart, not hard, you’ll do good.

Surrounding Oleus are 6 beacons connecting to the final boss, each one allows Oleus to deal more damage to Lightbearer/Mauler/Wilder/Graveborn/Celestian+Hypogean+Dimensional and all Factions. Furthermore, under normal conditions, Oleus is able to mitigate damage. Suffering from multiple critical strikes causes his damage mitigation effect to lose its effectiveness for short periods of time.

Be wary of his various abilities and try to plan around them.

Oleus’s Abilities
1Oleus blasts enemies within his raange with frost breath, dealing damage to them, freezing them for 3 seconds.
2A glacial meteor falls from the sky, striking a densely packed area of enemies, dealing AoE damage to them, stunning them for 2 seconds.
3Passive. Enemies standing within Oleus’ frozen aura lose 10 Haste points. Enemies shall have their Haste further reduced the closer they are to Oleus, with a potential maximum reduction of 60 Haste points. Each time an enemy uses their Ultimate ability, Oleus receives a shield. Damage mitigated by the shield is equal to 15% of the damage required to stack another “Enraged” layer. Each “Enraged” layer raises the shield’s value by 2%.

AFK Arena Hunting Fields Rewards

Once you’re all done, when you’ve beat the bosses and finally taken down Oleus, you’ll be able to get the Hunting Fields Rewards. Supporting members will also be entitled to these rewards when their hunting squa levels up.

AFK Arena Hunting Fields 1

But it’s worth remembering, you can only receive one hunting squad level up reward. If you have previously received a designated level reward as a support member, the level up reward will be calculated and issued after deducting the part that you received as a support role.

Good luck!

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