Another High Performing AMD Leak for Ryzen 4000 Series Surfaces

Since the initial announcement for the mobile 4000 Series dropped during this year’s CES 2020, users all over the internet have been on the lookout for any information or leaks surrounding this upcoming product.

The latest leak, shared by Twitter user _rogame shows off some of AMD’s higher-end options beating Intel’s offerings in benchmarks. 

What Do The Leaks Show?

The benchmarks shown in the Tweet come from 3DMark 11 which focuses on both graphics and physics scores. Previously, we have seen the Ryzen 4000 processors perform almost at desktop levels in these benchmarks and this leak shows them to be consistent at this level. 

When compared to the Intel Core i7-10710U’s benchmark of 11,194 and the Intel Core i7-1065G7’s score of 9,640 in 3DMark 11, the Ryzen 7 4800U is hitting a score of an impressive 12,490. This is impressive considering the AMD processor only runs at a 15W TDP whereas the Intel offerings run at 25 W TDP. 

On the graphics side of the comparison, the leaks shown in the Tweet see AMD’s Ryzen 3 4300U score of 3355 is a large improvement when compared to the Intel Core i7-10710U’s score. 

AMD Are No Longer The Underdogs

The trends over the last couple of months really go to show that AMD is no longer the underdogs in the processor market. With the impressive Threadripper CPUs seemingly blowing Intel’s offerings out of the water in both price and performance and the upcoming mobile processors looking to do the same, we’ve really seen a shakeup in the CPU market. 

This is also resulting in some pretty impressive sales figures for AMD as well, something that will no doubt be pleasing its many investors. In the mobile market, Intel has historically always performed better than AMD but this looks like it could be changing pretty soon. 

While this is all speculation so far and all leaks should be taken with a pinch of salt, the true test will be once these processors are eventually released. Just how many manufacturers will choose to go with AMD over Intel remains to be seen.