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DICE confirms Battlefield 2042 Specialists are here to stay despite Beta feedback

Whether you like it or not the Battlefield 2042 Specialists are here to stay even after the community voiced its less than positive opinion

Updated: Oct 21, 2021 10:03 pm
bf2042 specialists staying

If you dove into the BF2042 beta and found yourself wondering where the classic class system was, as implemented in previous iterations of the franchise, you’re not the only one. In Battlefield 2042, DICE has chosen to replace the class system players know and love with more tailored ‘Specialists’ that are supposed to level up the playing experience.

However, BF2042 beta players had the opposite reaction, criticizing the new Specialists system for a plethora of reasons. While these issues varied player to player, the main one that was being heavily complained about is the impact it had on teamwork. It didn’t allow for squadmates to actually see what the other members of their team were using, contrary to the system of old. This caused communication problems galore, sometimes rendering squads simply useless.

battlefield 2042 specialist

After this feedback, DICE has listened to it, took it on board, and said no, you’ll have to deal with the new Specialists system. Yes, you heard that right, temper your expectations for the classic class system to come back because sadly, it won’t for the foreseeable future.

Instead, DICE has implied that the issues with teamwork were down to the UI not being fully implemented in the beta as ‘some essential components’ we’re missing. Moreover, they also acknowledged that to make things a little clearer on the front line they’ve made ‘numerous improvements’ to the existing system, enabling players to better identify teammates and enemies.

DICE also informed us that there were only five Specialists available in the beta and once Battlefield 2042 officially launches, this number will be bumped up to ten. This will allow for more variety in gameplay and give your squad the opportunity to have a more well-rounded team with different abilities that complement each other.

battlefield 2042 specialist in tank

All in all, DICE are pretty much doubling down on the new Specialists system they’ve created for Battlefield 2042 as they believe that this is a huge step forward for the franchise. While it has been heavily criticized in the beta and it won’t be disappearing any time soon, at least DICE has acknowledged that it does need work and they’ve already smoothed out the main worries players have been discussing.

All that we can hope is for a more robust Specialist system that builds on the classic class system and makes it that bit better, otherwise, it could be one step forward, two steps back for the Battlefield franchise this year.

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