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Deep Silver confirms Dead Island 2 is still in the works

A few sporadic replies hidden around Twitter confirm Dead Island 2

Updated: Feb 4, 2022 2:06 pm
Deep Silver confirms Dead Island 2 is still in the works

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With the release of Techland’s Dying Light 2 on February 4th, 2022, zombie survival role-playing games are the word of the day once again. If you’re anything like me, this might have got you thinking about a certain sequel that has supposedly been in the works for the last decade – Dead Island 2.

Dead Island 2 would be the sequel to 2011’s Dead Island, and the fourth DI title altogether after less popular spin-offs Dead Island Riptide and Escape Dead Island. The sequel was first announced in 2012, with Techland supposedly taking the wheel once again. However, they went on to develop the Dying Light in its place. Development of Deep Silver’s Dead Island 2 then went on to a number of different companies, before finding its way back to Deep Silver. As such, the zombie survival is currently being developed by Deep Silver’s own Dambuster Studios.

Is Dead Island 2 still coming out

Deep Silver confirms Dead Island 2 on Twitter

A quick Twitter search for the term Deep Silver brings up an abundance of Tweets begging the game’s publisher for news on the sequel. Look hard enough, and there are a handful of sporadic replies from the official Deep Silver account, confirming that the game is still in the works. Here’s just one example, when the company decided to reply to a particularly wholesome fan:

But, alas, it doesn’t really tell us much. And we have had “confirmation” that the game is still coming numerous times over the years… so this recent acknowledgement doesn’t necessarily mean it’s coming anytime soon.

Dambuster Studios are still hiring for Dead Island 2

Keep looking through Twitter’s pages, though, and you’ll find further confirmation that the game is coming… and further confirmation that it’s still a long way off. Dambuster themselves have revealed one #DeadIsland2 teaser in among a bunch of job ads. A range of roles have opened up at the Developer over the last few months, and one of the more recent ads confirms the game applicants would be working on…

Whether this was intentional or not, given that none of the other ads mention the game, it certainly reveals yet again that we can expect the game to get a release date one day, even if it’s not soon.

Let’s just hope that the release of Dying Light 2, given Techland’s association with Dead Island, will have given the Deep Silver Dambuster team a sufficient boost to get to work on the colorful zombie splatterfest. And if you’re playing Dying Light 2 in the meantime, did you spot the Dead Island easter egg?

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