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Exoprimal open beta, release date, pre order & details

All the Exoprimal open beta info you need to know

Updated: Mar 10, 2023 11:16 am
Exoprimal Beta date Exoprimal closed Beta Exoprimal Beta Sign Up

After the Capcom Spotlight on March 9th 2023, it was announced that Exoprimal is set to launch on July 14th, with an open beta running from March 17-19.

Also announced was information on which platforms it will launch on, an Xbox Game Pass release, price, and different editions and their bonuses. All that and more down below.

Exoprimal Beta date Exoprimal beta sign up

Exoprimal Open Beta dates

The Exoprimal open beta was announced at the Capcom Spotlight March 2023, and is great news for fans who’re not only play the game in it’s early stages, but also help out the developer to iron out any creases. The dates for the Exoprimal open beta are as follows:

  • [UTC] Fri, 17 March 2023, 12:00 to Sun, 19 March 2023, 11:59

The open beta will be available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows (Microsoft Store), PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Steam (PC).

Those who play the open beta test and answer the survey will obtain a bonus that can be used in the retail version of the game.
A download code usable on the store of the platform indicated in your survey will be sent to the email address registered to your CAPCOM ID at a later date.

How to access the Exoprimal open beta

exoprimal open beta
via Capcom

To access the Exoprimal beta, it’s really as simple as downloading the game from the PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, or Steam. This is an open beta, which means it’s open to everyone who’s interesting in playing. No need for a code or a giveaway!

For playing the beta, you will unlock a special Aibius Medal charm.

However, to actually play the open beta, you must have linked your CAPCOM ID to your network account on your device, be it PlayStation, Xbox or PC. Read on to find out how.

How to sign up for Exoprimal open beta

Any open beta requires a lot of maintenance, and there are sometimes certain needs and requirements from the developers that must be met in order to participate. If you’re looking to sign up and participate in the open beta, you must have met these requirements:

Players must be within their region’s age ratings classification for the game’s target age group. Players must actively participate in the open beta test and provide feedback via the survey. Players must have a gaming environment that meets the requirements of the open beta test.

  • Players must be able to connect to the internet via a broadband connection
  • Players must have an Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, or a PC
  • A continuous internet connection is required to play.
  • The Steam client must be installed on your PC in order to play the Steam version of the game.
  • Your chosen hardware must have over 35GB of free space available.

Next, if you haven’t already, you’ll need to also have a CAPCOM ID. Players who have not got one can obtain it by signing up through here.

Then, seeing as the game is online-only, you must have a network account corresponding to the device you wish to play the open beta on eg. PSN account.

After this, players must link their CAPCOM ID to their respective network account. If you’re looking to link you CAPCOM ID, you can do so with the links down below:

How much is Exoprimal?

Exoprimal’s price is fairly standard for all games coming out on the next-gen, as well as PS4 and Xbox One. If you’re looking to buy Exoprimal at launch, it will cost $59.99.

Exoprimal preorder & bonuses

At the moment, you can also preorder Exoprimal on the official website.

If you pre order the game, you will receive special bonus skins for Exosuits. These are:

  • Bush Camo (Witchdoctor)
  • Shark’s Mouth – Gray (Deadeye)
  • Stone Golem (Roadblock)

Exoprimal Deluxe Edition

Screenshot 263
via Capcom

In addition to the Standard Edition, you can also secure yourself a Deluxe Edition, which includes the additional DLC and the Survival Pass Season 1: Premium Tier as a limited time offer.

Overall Digital Deluxe edition includes the game, the “Head Start Kit,” “Vigilant Early Unlock Ticket,” “Nimbus Early Unlock Ticket,”, “Paladin” exosuit skin for Vigilant, “Murasame Early Unlock Ticket,” “White Guardian” exosuit skin for Murasame, and “Wonderland” exosuit skin for Nimbus, along with the Premium Tier.

Is Exoprimal on the Xbox Game Pass?

For those who’re Xbox Game Pass members, you’re in luck. Exoprimal is not only going to be available on the Game Pass, it’ll be available on day one of release!

This will be the case across the board for Console, Cloud, and PC.

What is Exoprimal?

Exoprimal is an online multiplayer game in which players work together to take on waves of dinosaur enemies (apparently being guided by a sinister AI) in giant mech suits (called Exo Suits). It’s explosive, colorful, pretty daft, and looks absolutely great, silly fun. Different Exo Suits effectively act as different classes: with the as yet unnamed tank class having a giant shield that can hold off waves of raptors, ‘Barrage’ being the explosive expert, and ‘Vigilant’ having a sniper-like long-range railgun.

There are various game types that include both PvP and PvE elements. The main game type is Dino Survival, which has different mission modes, including ones where you have to assassinate a specific dinosaur, protect an aircraft whilst it’s taking off from waves of enemies, and some sort of nonsense involving hitting things with a massive hammer. Watch the trailer below for more info.

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