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Intel could bring 16-core desktop processing power to laptops

What kind of lake is it going to be this time, Intel?

Updated: Feb 28, 2022 11:10 am
Intel could bring 16-core desktop processing power to laptops

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According to leaks, we could be seeing Intel bring full desktop PC CPUs to laptops, meaning that desktop power could just be a stone’s throw away as the company decides to diversify their product stacks against the likes of the rapidly-improving AMD and Apple. This is additionally corroborated by the leaker Komachi Ensaka, who says that Intel is going to be preparing an i9-12980HX processor, which is once again, frankly awful naming for a system. But regardless, it is the best bet that we currently have in the PC power onslaught, as we begin to see more from the companies.


These reports are additionally corroborated by Moore’s Law is Dead, who reported on the configurations eight months ago. The tweet also states that the HX series of CPUs will be building a BGA or Ball Grid Array socket, which hypothetically makes it a little bit easier to drink a little more power. Another reliable leaker even chimed in on the conversations to tell us that yes, it is exactly the SKU we thought it was going to be. With this many industry insiders commenting on the latest leak, it’s basically a surefire bet that we’re going to be seeing these laptops come very soon. While we have no official confirmations, we could also see additional CPUs come to this socket and lime for the most enthusiast of gaming laptops. However, the thing is that who will actually be in the market for powerful laptop CPUs such as this?

AMD and Apple both have excellent options for getting the best performance out of your gaming laptop, without having to break into pushing yourselves over to making use of enormous TDPs at the dear cost of excessive use of battery life, which is clearly something that AMD thought about when designing their 6000 series Rembrandt systems, which can clock themselves to use less power and conserve as much as possible to ensure good battery life. It remains to be seen, but we’ll be sure to test it whenever we get these systems in our hands.

What other CPUs could Intel release with desktop-class chips?

We could potentially see full-fledged Alder Lake i7s, i5s, and more come to Laptops, which would be an enormous win, as focusing on this approach to power in different ways could potentially get you to see a huge amount of performance in a small package. And splintering this all between several different threads could be the solution that everyone’s looking for when it comes to ensuring that these CPUs manage to get into users’ hands, and the amount of competition on the market is fiercer than ever. IT just remains to be seen as to whether this gambit by Intel will actually pay off.

Wondering what else Intel might be cooking up? We’ve got you sorted.

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