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Marauders ship crafting guide & specs list

A list of the Marauders game ships, how to craft them, and their stats

Updated: Jul 22, 2022 9:58 am
Marauders ship crafting guide & specs list

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The below guide will give you a rundown of all the Marauders ship types you can unlock in the game, including how to craft them, what items you need to craft each of Marauders ships, and the stats of each of these lovely vessels, from the humble Rust Bucket all the way up to the Capital ship. We’ve acquired this knowledge through diligently watching the vods of the various streamers allowed first access to the game over the April 27th – May 1st, 2022 period, so be aware that some of this info may be subject to change by the developers. If there are any bits of info missing we will add them in due course.

If you want a quick rundown of how to operate each of these ships, we’ve prepared a brief guide below.

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How to use Marauders ships & breaching pods

Ships can be navigated by interacting with the pilot periscope.

There are at least two periscopes on a ship, some allow different members of the crew to the weapons systems individually. If you are solo crewing a ship the pilot will usually be able to control at least one weapon system as well as fly. So far, all unlockable ships in Marauders except the capital ship have only one weapons slot.

There are also viewports that let other team members look outside the ship to watch for enemies etc. but which are not connected to any weapons system.

Marauder ship controls: Fly with W, lower the ship’s elevation with Left Ctrl, and raise the ship with spacebar.

Fly into yellow highlighted raid areas to dock. You then use the airlock hangar doors to enter. This is the only exit from a raid you can use to leave with your own ship – if you extract from the raid zone via another exit or using escape pods you will lose your ship.

Breacher / escape pods can’t enter raid zones and dock like a ship can (these areas will now look red), but can breach onto ships. You can breach onto enemy ships using these pods, kill the enemy within and steal the ship for yourself (you will be prompted to do so by pressing F when you are close enough) but they can also breach onto yours, so be aware of boarders!

If your ship is damaged you need to use the onboard fire extinguisher on the engine block of your ship, to raise its health bar back up again.

The onboard ship stash box counts as an extension of your inventory. You can store loot here which you will keep when you extract.

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Marauders ships list, neccessary crafting items & stats

Marauders Rust Bucket 1

Rust Bucket

Weight: 126tn
Speed: 100
Turn Rate: 50
Armour: 150
Mobility: 200
Gun Damage: 70

Unlock cost: default ship
Crafting cost: none
Crafting time: none

This is the basic, starting ship that is always available to the player when beginning a raid, regardless of how many times it is destroyed or stolen. After the early game point when players start unlocking the more powerful ships, it becomes fairly obsolete in combat, being too slow to effectively run away even, and becomes only useful as a point from which to launch breaching pods onto enemy vessels.

Marauders Scout Frigate

Scout Frigate

Weight: 142tn
Speed: 200
Turn Rate: 50
Armour: 225
Mobility: 20
Gun Damage: 70

Unlock cost: Lvl 5, 1x S.coin, $720
Crafting cost: 2x Metal sheet, 1x Fuel bottle, 1x Synthetic scrap, 1x Tool kit, 1x Cable
Crafting time: 2 minutes 5 seconds

Very similar in design to the Rust Bucket, just less awful, the Scout Frigate is basically a faster and tougher version of the starting ship.

Interceptor Frigate

Marauders Interceptor

Weight: 160tn
Speed: 400
Turn Rate: 200
Armour: 250
Mobility: 300
Gun Damage: 70

Unlock cost: Lvl 14, 7x S.coin, $2,500
Crafting cost: 3x Metal sheet, 3x Metal scrap, 1x Fuel bottle, 3x Synthetic scrap, 1x Large cable
Crafting time: 2 minutes 20 seconds

Long, sleek, and really really fast. The interceptor sacrifices armour compared to most of the other ships (though it still has more than the Rust Bucket), in exchange for the fastest speed and turn rate in the game.

Heavy Frigate

Marauders heavy frigate

Weight: 420tn
Speed: 250
Turn Rate: 100
Armour: 450
Mobility: 500
Gun Damage: 70

Unlock cost: Lvl 18, 8x S.coin, $3,250
Crafting cost: ?
Crafting time: 2 minutes 40 seconds

Tough as old boots but not the fastest of the later game ships, the heavy frigate nevertheless outpaces both the Rust Bucket and Scout Frigate and has the second toughest armour of any ship in the game.

Vulture Frigate

Marauders Vulture

Weight: 240tn
Speed: 300
Turn Rate: 125
Armour: 350
Mobility: 350
Gun Damage: 70

Unlock cost: Lvl 23, 9x S.coin, $3,500
Crafting cost: ?
Crafting time: 2 minutes 40 seconds

The perfect balance between armour and speed, the Vulture is the second-best all-around ship in the game.

Capital ship

Weight: 384tn
Speed: 350
Turn Rate: 125
Armour: 500
Mobility: 600
Gun Damage: 70

Marauders capital ship

Unlock cost: Lvl 35, 12x S.coin, $12,000
Crafting cost: ?
Crafting time: 2 minutes 40 seconds

The capital ship is so far the only vessel with two weapons slots and by far the biggest ship. It is the toughest ship in the game and the second fastest, though it does make a very large target that is difficult to miss, and tends to attract a lot of attention from boarding parties.

Final Word

We hope you’ve found our in-depth Marauders ship guide useful. We’ll be adding more information to it about ship weapons upgrades over the coming days, so keep an eye out!

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