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Master Chief 1999 finally appears in a video game as Halo MCC celebrates the series’ 20th anniversary

Master Chief still isn’t legally old enough to drink in America.

Updated: Nov 4, 2021 3:33 pm
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You’ll soon be able to get special cosmetics in Halo: The Master Chief Collection to celebrate the Halo series’ 20th anniversary. As a cool twist, one of them is the first Spartan armor set  the world ever saw.

Apple founder Steve Jobs originally announced Halo way back in 1999. It was still very early on, and Halo’s developers at Bungie hadn’t decided what sort of game it would actually be yet. After a stint as a real-time strategy game and a brief go at a third-person shooter, the developers teamed up with Microsoft and the game would be released as a first person spiritual successor to Bungie’s earlier hit game Marathon. Steve Jobs even raged at Microsoft employees because of the deal, which is pretty funny, if we’re honest. 

Anyway, Master Chief looked very different at that initial game reveal that was held together with clever editing and dreams, and now you’ll finally be able to play as that version of him in Halo 2! Starting on November 3, a range of new Halo cosmetic items will become available to players including that very first Spartan look, in the form of the Orion Armor. 

You can purchase any of the 20th anniversary celebration items in-game with your collected season points and you don’t have to spend any real world money. Don’t worry about missing items if you’re short on points either, as 343 have confirmed they will be available again in the exchange menu in the future.

What other Xbox 20th Anniversary items are coming to Halo Infinite?

halo 20th anniversary master chief

This is a list of the 20th Anniversary items coming to Halo: The Master Chief Collection in the coming weeks, complete with which version of Halo they’ll be for, and the days they will be available. Most of the new items available are for Halo 3: Multiplayer, although there are also some unlocks for Halo 2: Anniversary and Halo: Reach. 

Halo MCC UnlockRelease DateWhich Halo?
Orion Armor (Master Chief 1999)November 03, 2021Halo 2: Anniversary
Duke ShouldersNovember 10, 2021Halo 3: Multiplayer
The Beast BackpackNovember 10, 2021Halo 3: Multiplayer
OGX ARNovember 17, 2021Halo 3: Multiplayer
Mirage ArmorNovember 24, 2021Halo 3: Multiplayer
OGX BRDecember 01, 2021Halo 3: Multiplayer
RucksackDecember 01, 2021Halo 3: Multiplayer
Hydration ContainerDecember 08, 2021Halo: Reach
Duke ShouldersDecember 15, 2021Halo 3: Multiplayer
OGX SniperDecember 15, 2021Halo 3: Multiplayer
FronkboxDecember 15, 2021Halo 3: Multiplayer
OGX MagnumDecember 22, 2021Halo 3: Multiplayer
Grunt PlushDecember 22, 2021Halo 3: Multiplayer
X-PackDecember 22, 2021Halo 3: Multiplayer
OGX SPNKRDecember 29, 2021Halo 3: Multiplayer
OGX ShotgunDecember 29, 2021Halo 3: Multiplayer
Orion Armor (Master Chief 1999)January 05, 2022Halo 2: Anniversary

If you don’t believe us, then you can also look at these handy infographics that Microsoft and 343 have released below. 

halo 20th anniversary 1
halo 20th anniversary 2

We’re happy to see 1999 version of Master Chief finally make his debut in a video game that the public can actually play, and it’s nice to see bulky OG Xbox items like The Duke and The Beast appear to give some much needed armor to the Spartans as they approach their 20th year of service. 

Which Halo 20th Anniversary cosmetic items are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments section below. Like Halo? You may want to check out our recap page on Cortana and find out what’s going on with her while you wait for Halo Infinite.

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