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Nvidia driver update 511.23 adds SSRTGI ray tracing to hundreds of games

Time to trace those rays

Updated: Jan 14, 2022 3:38 pm
Nvidia driver update 511.23 adds SSRTGI ray tracing to hundreds of games

As previously reported, the latest Nvidia Driver update 511.23 adds oodles of support for features such as DLDSR and SSRTGI on a hardware level, and it’s finally here, meaning that you can now download the latest driver in order to get more out of your GPU for absolutely free. There’s a bigger story in here about the Marty McFly shaders that Pascal Glitcher worked on being included in this latest Nvidia driver update, meaning that you can add something name Screen Space Ray Traced Global Illumination (SSRTGI) in hundreds of titles that are currently supported by Nvidia GeForce Experience via the use of Nvidia Freestyle.

SSRTGI comes to Nvidia Freestyle

SSRTGI is a big deal, as it was previously paywalled behind Pascal Glitcher’s Patreon account. However, its application is useful beyond measure. Commonly used in the ReShade application, where you are able to tune the look in hundreds of games, SSRTGI adds in rudimentary ray tracing support to hundreds of games that otherwise would have missed out on this cutting edge feature. How it works is that it looks at the pixels being rendered on your screen, and looks to add ray traced illumination to sources that it deems to be light and shadow, essentially adding in further fancy and slick visuals in games. Where this falters is that it will never really look as good as something that might have native ray tracing support, so your mileage may vary with actual applications to this process. This feature is not new, but we may see it being used more widely now it does not have to be injected by the use of ReShade or other applications. This feature will work with almost any RTX graphics card, but your framerate is going to take a hit.

DLDSR makes old games look even sharper

DSR (Dynamic Super Resolution) is nothing new and has been on Nvidia GPUs for a while now, but this time around this feature is further enhanced on a driver level by the use of AI. Now, DLDSR can see you reaching near-native level performance while supersampling your game, and downscaling the image while having results that look comparable to if you might have rendered it at four times the resolution natively. This process relies on the use of Tensor Cores to achieve and means that this feature is only enabled on RTX graphics cards. This is making Nvidia’s investment into AI even stronger and means that you even have features that go well beyond simply what is included on the spec sheet.

God of War, RTX 3080 12GB support & more

This driver update also adds support for games such as Sony Santa Monica’s AAA hit God of War, which releases on PC today. Nvidia has pulled out all of the stops, meaning that you will be able to make use of features such as DLSS, Nvidia reflex, and more. In addition to this is support for Nvidia’s brand new RTX 3080 12GB GPU, which looks to have a minor spec bump in addition to slightly more VRAM for extra performance in the most demanding games.

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