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Niantic holds first Pikmin Bloom Community event

The Pokemon Go creators bring the popular Community Day to their Pikmin AR game

Updated: Nov 12, 2021 6:30 pm
Niantic holds first Pikmin Bloom Community event

Pikmin Bloom has only been out two weeks, but with Niantic’s experience in other AR games, they’re already prepared for the game’s first-ever Community Day.

The Community Day will take place on November 13th, and will feature a bunch of in-game bonuses. Niantic are of course the developers of Pokemon Go and other AR games, such as the now defunct Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. We’re all keeping our fingers crossed Pikmin Bloom doesn’t meet the same fate, and participating in Community Day might go some way to helping with that!

pikmin bloom community day

Pikmin Bloom Community Day bonuses

In a new announcement on November 11th, 2021, Niantic announced the full bonuses that we can expect from the first Community Day.

Seedling growth speed increased

Firstly, seedlings planted in any of your planter slots will grow 50% faster than usual, so you should take the opportunity to grow as many Pikmin as possible during the event. Also bear in mind that the seedling will need to be planted during event hours for the bonus to take event, so you might want to try and empty your slots before Community Day begins.

Double nectar

Any fruit that your Pikmin collect, either from your surroundings or on Expedition, will produce twice the amount of nectar as normal. So again, if your Pikmin bring you any fruit shortly before the event begins, save it until the start of Community Day!

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Community Day Participant badge

Now, we hope you have some comfy shoes at the ready, because the next reward is only for those who walk a minimum of 10,000 steps during the hours of the event. If you hit this milestone on November 13th, 2021, you will receive a Community Day Participant badge. The official news post states that you shouldn’t expect to receive the reward straight away, so don’t panic when you don’t. Instead, you will need to log in to Pikmin Bloom at least once in the two-week period following the event.

Giant Pansies!

By planting regular flowers on your Community Day walk, any Big Flowers that bloom as a result of you and your fellow Bloom players’ efforts will grow into pansies. By then planting pansies on your travels, any Big Flowers that bloom from them will turn into another, surprise rare Big Flower type!

When is Pikmin Bloom Community Day?

Pikmin Bloom Community Day will take place on November 13th, 2021. It will start at 9am local time and will last for a blooming marvellous nine hours, finishing at 6pm local time.

Get out there, get walking and enjoy the first-ever Pikmin Bloom Community Day!

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