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Roblox Spacial Voice chat goes live

How to activate and use Spacial Voice in Roblox

Updated: Mar 14, 2022 1:48 pm
Roblox Spacial Voice chat goes live

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Voice chat is a function that has been noticeably missing from Roblox since its inception. With so many games that would benefit greatly from voice chat capabilities, it is a wonder that The Roblox Corporation haven’t introduced it sooner. However, with the Roblox community being infamously youthful, they have had to be careful about how to implement the feature.

Well, it seems they’ve worked it out, and voice chat is now live in Roblox. Here’s how to get it and how to use it. And some of the best games for it.

What is Roblox Spacial Voice function?

Spacial Voice is a function which will allow users to voice chat with one another within eligible Roblox experiences. Once you have Spacial Voice enabled, you will have a microphone appear next to your in-game name. You will also be able to see a microphone icon hovering above other users that have Spacial Voice enabled and others will be able to see that you have it. You will be able to mute other players by simply clicking the microphone icon above their avatar.

In order to further address concerns about young players being subjected to inappropriate chat, you can also block and report users for abuse. While muting a user does not apply to text chat and will only last as long as that game session, blocking a user will also apply to text chat and you will need to manually unblock the user before they can contact you again.

If someone violates the Terms of Use, you can report them to the Roblox Moderation team and they may have their access to Spacial Voice revoked.

Which accounts can use Spacial Voice?

In order to address issues with the young age of many Roblox users, you will only be able to access Spacial Voice functionality if you have an age-verified account and are over the age of 13. Users under the age of 13 can age-verify their account, but will not be allowed access to Spacial Voice until they are old enough.

spacial voice account verification

In order to age-verify your account, Go to your account info and click on the Verify My Age button below your birthday. You will be given a QR code, and once you follow the link, you will be asked to photograph your ID and send a selfie to accompany it.

How to enable Roblox Spacial Voice?

Once your account has been age-verified, you will be able to toggle the Spacial Voice option on and off in the Privacy settings.

Which games should you play with Spacial Voice?

what is roblox spacial voice

While most games will certainly benefit from Spacial Voice, the function will be completely game-changing for others.

Why not try an Among Us-like social deduction game like Murder or Breaking Point with Spacial Voice activated. While these games have worked for some time with the use of text chat, they will only improve with the ability to make your case or defend yourself instantly.

Alternatively, jump into a popular simulator like Adopt Me! or MeepCity with your friends and Spacial Voice will only enhance your simulator experience.

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