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Silent Hill Transmission Reveals Silent Hill 2 Remake, New Movie, and More

Get the lowdown on Silent Hill Transmission

Updated: Oct 19, 2022 11:04 pm
Silent Hill Transmission Reveals Silent Hill 2 Remake, New Movie, and More

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The Silent Hill Transmission has dropped, and fans of the series have never had it so good.

The live stream event revealed remakes, new games, and even some tertiary experiences like a live-action interactive story and a new movie.

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There is a lot from the stream to break down, and many new Silent Hill products are coming soon.

Let’s dive into the contents of Silent Hill Transmission, and the many new pieces of media being added to the canon.

Silent Hill Transmission – Silent Hill 2 Remake

Silent Hill 2 Remake Screenshot
Source: Silent Hill 2 Remake/YouTube

One of the biggest things that Konami revealed during the show was a Silent Hill 2 Remake. Widely regarded by fans as the best game in the series, a remake in the style of other popular survival horror video game remakes makes a lot of sense.

The game is being produced by Bloober Team, the developers behind Blair Witch and Observer. This new take on the game retains fan-favorite elements such as Pyramid Head but takes the action over-the-shoulder in the same vein as Resident Evil 4.

With Bloober remaking such a beloved horror title, they’ll have to be careful to do the excellent writing and atmosphere justice. In fairness to Bloober, atmosphere and narrative have always been one of their strongest points.

Silent Hill Transmission – Silent Hill Townfall and Silent Hill F

Silent Hill Townfall was another game announced during the show. No Code is developing the game, the team who bought us Stories Untold and Observation, both being narrative-focused games chocked full of puzzles.

This style matches Silent Hill’s style quite well, so there’s a good chance that the game could turn out pretty decent. Outside of a title and the developers, we know almost nothing about the game, not even a release date, so keep your ears to the ground on this one.

Another revealed game was Silent Hill F, which turns out to be the source of those screenshots that got leaked a little while ago. The game is set in Japan, not England, and is being developed by the team behind Resident Evil Resistance, NeoBards Entertainment Ltd.

Silent Hill Transmission – Live Interactive Drama and New Movie

As well as games, the Silent Hill Transmission also showed off some other media products based on the IP. First up is Silent Hill: Ascension, a live, interactive drama where viewers can watch along and decide the course of the narrative.

Genvid Entertainment is developing the game in partnership with Bad Robot Games, the development wing of J.J.Abrams’ production company. Nothing else is known about the game besides it will release in 2024.

The final piece of news in the show was about a new live-action movie being directed by Christophe Gans, the director of the first Silent Hill movie adaptation. This new movie appears to be taking on the story of James Sunderland as told in Silent Hill 2, with some concept art showing storyboards of the game’s opening scene on the outskirts of the town.

Silent Hill Transmission FAQs

What is Silent Hill Transmission?

Silent Hill Transmission was a presentation held by Konami to reveal the latest information on the venerable horror franchise.

What was revealed during Silent Hill Transmission?

There was a lot to see at the show, including but not limited to:

  • Silent Hill 2 Remake
  • Silent Hill F
  • Silent Hill Townfall
  • Silent Hill Ascension
  • New Silent Hill Movie

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