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Sniper Elite 5 coop gameplay showcased in a recent dev stream

Rebellion showcase more of the Sniper Elite 5 coop

Updated: Jul 14, 2022 4:57 pm
Sniper Elite 5 coop gameplay showcased in a recent dev stream

Rebellion has just streamed a two-player Sniper Elite 5 coop demo, featuring the third mission. Here is what players can expect from the Sniper Elite 5 coop based on what we saw from the demo stream.

Sniper Elite 5 coop gameplay

There is nothing too different to the Sniper Elite 5 coop gameplay than playing it solo. The demo shows off the more ambitious level design while showcasing the usual mechanics and sniper elite features you are used to playing. During the demo, the developers began playing on the third map, showcasing the Sniper Elite 5 features, the level design and features of the game.

The third level features two players on a map in a bush. You start off outside of the mission area, using their binoculars to mark and post points of interest. Some of the spottings feature different markers, one with a downwards pointing arrow, highlighting players, one with an alert symbol, and another with a sniper icon, indicating potential sniper nests. There is also another marker for vehicles, indicating tanks, trucks and other enemy machinery. There is also an orange question mark, which indicates that enemies have spotted something.

It also appears that the Sniper Elite 5 coop gameplay has a focus on stealth, but offers players the chance to go loud if they wish. There are long grasses to hide and sneak up to enemies with. There are also silenced weapons and other ways to mask your sound. In the event of it going loud, the markers change colour showing units that are alert to your presence and will make your life harder. 

While the dev showing the stream was stealthy, their partner may have made life harder by getting spotted by a biker. It looks like both players are going to have to coordinate and use the tools in their arsenal to ensure their victory. However, it doesn’t appear to change the difficulty. Overall, it looks like the staple Sniper Elite two-player coop experience we have come to expect.

Also, the stream did not showcase the other gameplay modes. There is the drop in a drop in and out coop campaign, as seen on stream, and there is a PvP mode where another player plays a german sniper hunting the player down. It is time for that Enemy at the Gates theme. There is also the four-player horde wave mode for that added flavour.

For those interested in seeing the footage, you can head over to the Rebellion Twitch account and check the demo footage yourself.

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