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Sons of the Forest launch breaks Steam – Error E502 L3

Why can't I get on the Sons of the Forest Steam page?

Updated: Feb 23, 2023 7:50 pm
Sons of the Forest launch breaks Steam – Error E502 L3

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Sons of the Forest early access has finally arrived but some would-be players are getting stopped right at the front door. We’ll explain how the Sons of the forest Launch breaks Steam.

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Are you excited to play the highly anticipated Sons of the Forest? Well, so are we, but it appears as though we’re going to have to wait a little while for Steam to sort out its servers, as potentially hundreds of thousands of users flock to the store page in an attempt to purchase the most wish-listed game of all time.

The forest had amassed a following of over 230,000 people at the time of release, and the fact that the beefy Steam servers couldn’t handle it is just a testament to how much people wanted the game.

Update: There are more than 23K in-game right now. We do not know if these errors are specific to any region or country. Do not forcibly try to buy the game if you’re having issues, you might bug out your shopping cart.

Update 7:18 PM GMT: It appears the issue has been fixed for the majority of people, but if you’re happening on this page and you’re in the US experiencing these issues, there could be a second wave of crashes if Steam isn’t properly prepared.

Sons of the Forest error code E502 L3

This error code is not specific to sons of the forest, but rather to Steam itself the error code indicates the Steam servers are under heavy load, and your request cannot be completed at the current time.

We got this error when we attempted to load the Steam stores “featured” page when the Sons of the Forest first launched, and then again when we attempted to buy the game. It looks like we may have to wait a little while longer for steam to sort out its servers before we can play the game.

The Sons of the Forest was scheduled to release at 6 PM GMT on February 23rd, 2023, but it seems that some of us may have to wait a little longer to see what the forest has in store for us.

Sons of the forest steam error

How to fix Steam error code E502 L3?

Some people recommend logging out of Steam and logging back in again, but that’s a dangerous game. if the steam servers are overloaded if you log out you may not be able to get back in.

It appears as though all we need to do is wait, as frustrating as it is. The sons of the forest had over 230,000 followers at the time of release according to SteamDB. So we need to wait for Steam to process all those users trying to buy the game.

Sons of the Forest Steam shopping cart error

It also appears that some users with Sons of the Forest in their shopping carts are having issues.

Sons of the forest shopping cart issues
It looks like Steam is having a hard time loading anything to do with the Sons of the Forest right now. Try re-logging into steam to see if that fixes the shopping cart issue.

It seems that re-launching Steam will not fix the issues, and it seems as though our shopping cart is soft-locked.

Can I use the Steam app to solve the problem?

You could try, we attempted to do the same thing just to find that the shopping cart was bugged on mobile too. As the mobile app is connected to your desktop steam account, and of course runs off the same servers, the problem persists here.

Can't buy sons of the forest

As of now, there’s no real fix other than waiting or submitting a Steam support ticket, but we would assume that Steam is getting enough of those right now with all the users who can’t buy Sons of the Forest.

We’ll update this page as we get new information on not being able to buy Sons of the Forest and it’s error codes.

The error code E502 L3 is being fixed

it looks like there are people playing the game right now, so all you need to do is sit tight as Steam processes all of the requests to buy the game. You can use Down Detector to see if the Steam service is down right now for you.

sons of the forest steam error code

Let’s hope no more issues arise. This game looks amazing and we cannot wait to sink our teeth into it.

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