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Will we see an RTX 4080 laptop? Latest rumors & info

As the RTX 4080 launches, we discuss when/if we're likely to get RTX 4080 laptops

Updated: Feb 14, 2024 1:05 pm
Will we see an RTX 4080 laptop? Latest rumors & info

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*UPDATE* RTX 4080 laptops certainly do exist and have now been out for a while! These are some of the best laptop GPUs we’ve seen released on a performance/price basis, so we highly recommend that you click the link to our best RTX 4080 laptop guide to find out more.

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*OLD CONTENT* The existence of the RTX 4080 laptop still remains up in the air. We’ve heard nothing official from Nvidia regarding such a device, nor in fact of any Nvidia 40-series laptop, however it’s very likely that at least one 40-series Mobile GPU will arrive at some point.

Unusually though, the latest leaks and rumors showing potential RTX 40-series specs for laptops, actually don’t show anything for the RTX 4080, which is the SKU you’d typically expect to be the flagship gaming card of the line. The GPU remains conspicuous by its absence.

Read below for all the latest leaks, rumors, predictions and info regarding RTX 4080 laptops and keep an eye on our RTX 4080 release coverage, for the latest info on the launch of the desktop GPU.

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What do the latest 40-series laptop leaks say about a RTX 4080 laptop?

Leaker @harukaze5719 posted the Tweet below on the 22nd of October, following on from the @hw_reveal post the same day, which showed the supposed line-up of the the 40-series Mobile GPUs, the chip type each was based on, their power limits, and the names of their SKUs.

As you can see, there is no RTX 4080 laptop GPU present, even though there’s an RTX 4080 Ti model, which is quite puzzling.

Interestingly an RTX 4090 laptop was shown as part of the leaks, even though the RTX 4080 laptop wasn’t. The 30-series mobile GPU line did not include an RTX 3090, because it was deemed that the power restrictions imposed on it by ‘laptopifying’ it, would make it a pointless endeavour, but it would seem that the efficiencies of the new Ada Lovelace architecture on the new GPUs has now changed this.

RTX 4090 laptop leak RTX 4080 Ti laptop leak RTX 4070 laptop leak RTX 4060 Ti laptop leak RTX 4060 laptop leak no RTX 4080 laptop

So what’s the likelihood will we see an RTX 4080 laptop?

We don’t know whether or not we will see an RTX 4080 laptop, but despite its absence from the recent leaks, our money is on yes, at least, eventually.

There doesn’t seem to be any logical reason why Nvidia would skip including the well-known flagship 080 SKU from its lineup, particularly when they’re apparently going to be making an RTX 4080 Ti laptop and an RTX 4090 laptop – from a marketing perspective you’d absolutely want to include it. It could be however that they’re planning on tinkering away to release a particularly powerful/efficient RTX 4080 laptop GPU later than the rest, one which will blow our socks off at some point in 2024, and that they assume the RTX 4080 Ti or RTX 4070 laptop options will provide sufficient choice for gamers in the meantime.

Or it could be that these leaks are a load of misleading baloney. Only time will tell!

What would be would a likely RTX 4080 laptop release date?

Most commentators in the industry seem to believe that CES 2023 (which runs from the 5th – 8th January) is the likely time we’ll see the launch of the first 40-series laptops. CES 2022 was when the first RTX 3070 laptops and RTX 3080 laptops were launched/revealed, and they were then released (i.e. available to buy) from the 26th January.

It’s probable then that we’ll see the first 40-series laptops released in late January – February at some point, but whether this will include the RTX 4080 mobile version remains to be seen. If the rumors are correct, and the RTX 4080 laptop version is currently absent from the planned line-up, we might have to wait until later into 2023 for it.

Final Word

If you don’t fancy waiting for the potential RTX 4080 laptop release, have a look at our Black Friday gaming laptop deals, Black Friday RTX 3080 Ti laptop deals, and Black Friday RTX 3080 laptop deals pages for great savings on the most powerful laptops currently available.

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