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Youtube and Minecraft celebrate 1,000,000,000,000 views

In case you don’t know (I didn’t), that ridiculous number is one trillion

Updated: Dec 16, 2021 10:01 am
minecraft youtube one trillion views

On December 15th, 2021, the video streaming platform announced that there have now been over one trillion views of Minecraft content on YouTube.

The momentous occasion is being celebrating by YouTube with a look at some of the biggest moments of the last ten years of Minecraft, and showing off some of the greatest Minecraft content creators the internet has to offer. There’s even a new YouTube logo today to celebrate, and more information can be found on the Featured banner on the YouTube home page.

How is YouTube celebrating one trillion Minecraft views?

million millions minecraft youtube views

A new YouTube logo today

Similar to Google’s daily logo updates, YouTube has got a new, animated logo today to celebrate the one trillion Minecraft views milestone. The cute little logo will change in the top right hand corner of the YouTube site, showing an iron pickaxe breaking grass blocks, before that crazy number appears behind it. It really is a lot of zeros.

A celebratory Minecraft animation

A heart-warming and nostalgic Minecraft animation has been shared on YouTube and YouTube’s other social channels to celebrate the event, featuring some of the world’s best-known Minecraft content creators. Anyone who’s watched at least some Minecraft YouTube content over the last few years will certainly recognize some of the characters that pop up in the charming two-minute clip. See GeorgeNotFound walk among the mob of YouTubers as his friend Dream masterfully escapes the Nether on a Strider. Hermits Grian and Mumbo Jumbo can be seen trying to stay on top of one of Mumbo’s amazing Redstone creations, and there’s even an appearance from CaptainSparklez’s Fallen Kingdom monarch.

The whole video is set to a parody of Starship’s 1985 hit We Built This City, so maybe there are more people like me than I thought. You know, in between that weird age of old enough to love 80s music and definitely too old to be watching Minecraft YouTubers. Or maybe it’s just a very Minecraft appropriate song. Either way, the group sings about how “we built this city” with the likes of lava, blocks and bones in a video reminiscent of the Minecraft parodies that brought CaptainSparklez his “Creeper! Aww, man” fame. It’s definitely worth or watch. Or a trillion.

Video by Spark Universe

The history of Minecraft on Youtube

Alongside the adorable animation, YouTube have released some fascinating facts and figures about the history of Minecraft on YouTube, including the chance to estimate just how much of a part you’ve had to play in reaching this milestone. For the record, it won’t be much.

The truly interesting page lays out who the top Minecraft YouTubers have been over the last decade, as well as the rise and fall of different themes. For example, while still popular to an extent, the desire to watch Minecraft Hunger Games has remained pretty much the same, while there’s been a huge surge in the popularity of ‘Minecraft, But…’ videos and a more recent incline in ‘100 days’ survival content. Aphmau shows just how hard work can pay off, as she finally became the most-viewed Minecraft creator in 2020, after nine years of uploading videos and appearing in others’.

There’s so much information to take in, and more than can be written about here, so take a look at the stats for your favorite creator and so much more at YouTube’s Culture & Trends page, celebrating one trillion Minecraft views.

Global chart from youtube.com

A playlist celebrating a Major Minecraft Milestone

Finally, YouTube has put together a mammoth playlist of videos for you to revisit some of your favorite Minecraft moments, or check out some that you may have missed over the years. The YouTube International Spotlight playlist so far includes the likes of LDShadowLady surviving 100 days in Minecraft, Tootsie living as an Axolotl for 100 days, and Mumbo Jumbo MINING for 100 days. That’s a lot of diamonds. And there are some videos that aren’t 100 days-themed, as well.

Reminiscing about Minecraft on Youtube

It’s not an over-exaggeration to state that many people have found comfort in Minecraft YouTube videos these past few years. You see it in the comments section all the time, how YouTube creators have changed people’s lives and kept them company on the darkest days. I myself have certainly got some cherished memories, and even traditions, of watching Minecraft content with my sister. Be it catching up on the latest Hermitcraft shenanigans or cheering on a different team each month in the Minecraft Championships, there’s so much content available to while away the hours, and probably much more to come. Today’s milestone has certainly reminded me of how much fun Minecraft is to watch as well as play.

We’d love to know who your most-watched Minecraft content creators are, or some of your all-time favorite Minecraft YouTube videos. Let us know in the comments below, along with just how many creators you recognised from the One Trillion Views animation.

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