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Is the RTX 4080 worth it?

With the new generation of cards you may start to wonder if its even worth it

Updated: Nov 29, 2022 10:06 am
Is the RTX 4080 worth it?

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On September 20, 2022, Nvidia’s special GeForce Beyond broadcast marked the announcement of the RTX 4080. And after a generic release period, the RTX 4080 release came on the 16th of September. And with it not much hype came with it.

Originally there were two models planned to launch but the 12GB model was unlaunched. The most intriguing aspect of the RTX 4080 models’ raw specifications is that their clock speeds have significantly increased. Core counts have increased slightly, but the 800MHz increase is the real game-changer, especially given that the RTX 4080 uses the 5nm node from chipmaker TSMC.

In addition, it has DLSS 3 and Shader Execution Reordering (SER). By prioritizing ray tracing operations based on the available computational capacity, SER improves ray tracing performance. The updated version actually anticipates new frames, unlike DLSS 2. Without the GPU producing a single pixel, some of the frames in your game will be entirely produced.

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So is the RTX 4080 worth it or not?

Does your gaming PC have trouble running the newest titles, even on medium or low settings? If so, upgrading your computer or constructing a brand-new setup with the GeForce RTX 4000 series is undoubtedly a good idea.

The new GPUs’ incredible power is another incentive to take them into consideration. Thanks to new streaming multiprocessors from the latest “Ada Lovelace” architecture, Nvidia promises the RTX 4080 will perform better than the RTX 3090 and the RTX 40-series will deliver two times the performance and power efficiency of the preceding “Ampere” RTX 30-series graphics cards.

Speaking of resolutions, the new RTX 40-series GPUs are compatible with Nvidia’s third-generation deep learning super sampling technology (DLSS 3), which utilizes AI to upscale images to higher resolutions (like 4K) without sacrificing the same amount of native rendering speed. According to reports, DLSS 3 will provide “extra high-quality frames” and up to double the performance of the game.

However, even with all these technology upgrades, the GPU might have pushed the mark with the pricing. The card has nearly doubled the MSRP of the previous 3080. And so it has pushed it beyond what people are willing to get. As 4090 stock has been finicky since its launch., Whereas the 4080 stock has been plenty.

Although places like Newegg might be lacking in choices, plenty of other places do. Especially abroad like in the UK, where there is plenty of cards to pick from. And even in the US people have been posting of pictures of shelves full of cards, something not expected of the new cards.

So it might be worth waiting for the RDNA 3 cards that are cheaper and expected to compete with the 4080. This may even force Nvidia to lower the pricing of its selection so which might make it a more interesting choice.

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