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Best gaming chair for hot weather 2023

Finding the best gaming chair for hot weather without even breaking a sweat

Updated: Jan 5, 2023 2:06 pm
Best gaming chair for hot weather

Today we’re going to find the best gaming chair for hot weather in 2023. After all, global warming is only going to get worse. Even tho we’re normally ok hiding up in northern England, much of our readership hails from more tropical locations.

So, for a change, you won’t be seeing any faux leather on this page, as breathability is the name of the game here. So we’re going to be concentrating on mesh and fabric chairs, as these will keep you mostly temperate during long summer gaming sessions.

So, let’s take a look at what’s on offer and try to keep the swamp ass at bay by finding the best gaming chair for hot weather in 2023.

Best gaming chair for hot weather: DXRacer Air series

Of course, we had to go with a full mesh chair for this one. You can have the most advanced leatherette you can get, or the lightest of fabric, but nothing compares to mesh when we’re on about gaming chairs for hot weather.


DXRacer AIR Gaming Chair – D7200

Weight Capacity
Height Capacity
6’6 Feet
Color Options
Black, White & Cyan, White & Red
Included Extras
Memory Foam Head Pillow
Warranty Length
2-year for Accessories, Lifetime for Frame

Aside from the backrest and seat base both being totally meshed, the Air Series from DX Racer comes with an adjustable neck pillow too, so you won’t be losing much in terms of ergonomics.

Additionally, the chair has all the normal adjustability we’ve come to look for in a gaming chair. After all, what good is being cool when your spine is on fire from a lack of support?

If you’re looking for the very best gaming chair for hot weather, look no further than the DXRacer Air Series. They also come in a range of colorways too.

Besty fabric gaming chair for keeping cool: Secretlab Titan EVO 2022 Series

Unfortunately, Secretlab doesn’t currently offer mesh variants of their fantastic gaming chairs, however, they do offer the next best thing – fabric.

secretlab titan evo 2022 series

Secretlab Titan EVO 2022 Series

Height range (Medium Size)
5’6″ – 6’0″
Maximum load
Seat width
Height adjustment range

Thos not as breathable as mesh, Secretlab SoftWeave material is surprisingly adept at keeping the user cool for long periods.

So, if the DXRacer Air series isn’t comfortable or ergonomic enough for you, the Titan EVO SoftWeave variant is a really good choice.

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