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How Durable Are Gaming Chairs?

Let's see just how robust some of the market's best gaming chairs are!

Updated: Aug 19, 2022 4:37 pm
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The humble gaming chair is a hugely important part of any gamer’s setup. With the increasing costs of gaming chairs in the 21st century, more people are starting to concern themselves with chair robustness and durability.

One of the big questions we get asked around here is, just how durable are gaming chairs? Luckily, we’ve got a tonne of experience when it comes to the best gaming chairs the market has to offer – having tested some the leading options.

We’ll be answering all the major durability questions that surround gaming chairs so that you don’t end up wasting your hard-earned cash.

Let’s jump straight into it!

Do Gaming Chairs Last Long?

Gaming chairs last for a reasonable amount of time. On average a gaming chair can last for up to five years. However, how long a gaming chair will truly last can depend on a number of different factors.

Things such as materials, durability, and the amount the chair has been used are all factors that will impact a gaming chair’s life. When it comes to using a gaming chair for longer periods, the materials and the padding are likely going to wear down a lot quicker in comparison to one that is not used often.

If you take care of your gaming chair it will last longer. If you have spilled food or drink on the chair, or you are using it recklessly, you are more likely to cause damage to the materials.

IF you are using the chair for long periods, realistically the chair will last for around two to three years. After this amount of time, it will likely begin to show signs of wear. 

Do Gaming Chairs Break Easily?

When you purchase a gaming chair, if it is from a reputable brand, and it is made with good quality materials it should not break easily. While it will begin to wear down over time with continued use, it should not break easily. 

The materials used are made to last, and they should withstand things such as accidentally tipping a drink on them, or moving the chair while it is in use. 

If the chair is faulty, or if it is holding a weight that is above its maximum capacity, this can cause a gaming chair to break easily. If lower quality materials are used, this can cause the chair to break too. 

When choosing a gaming chair, while the majority of people will choose a chair for comfort, you will want to take into consideration how it is built too. A well-built chair will have a good structure and will be built out of sturdy materials. It will use padding that takes a longer to be worn down on the seat. 

Do Gaming Chairs Peel?

Peeling can occur if you purchase a gaming chair that uses PU leather. This is leatherette and is not real leather. While it does emulate leather well, and is an ethical material, it can peel overtime.

This peeling tends to occur if the chair is being used heavily. Over time as you are moving in the chair, the materials will start to wear away. This does not necessarily mean that bad quality materials were used. On average a gaming chair will last for around two to three years with heavy use, so it is fairly normal for the chair to begin to peel after this time. 

However, peeling can occur fairly quickly if lower quality materials are used and the chair was not created well. This is often known as flaking, and the cheaper the materials used are, the faster they will wear away as PU leather is not real leather.

Do Gaming Chairs Vibrate?

The vast majority of gaming chairs do not vibrate. However, there are a handful of models that do feature vibrating technology. 

This feature is useful as it reacts to the sounds in the game and then vibrates the chair to match these sounds. Some examples include gunshots or types of impact.

While this feature is not for everyone, they can be an interesting addition. Some vibrating chairs also link up to the controller too. They typically also have multiple speakers, and they link in well to these.

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