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Battlefield’s seasonal skins leave fans feeling less than joyful

Two accidentally-leaked skins reveal DICE’s plans for the holiday season

Updated: Dec 3, 2021 10:58 am
Battlefield’s seasonal skins leave fans feeling less than joyful

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On December 2nd, 2021, two new skins were released into Battlefield 2042 in error. While these sorts of mistakes still often leave fans excited for what’s to come. In this case, it seems most Battlefield fans were just left angry. Again.

On the Battlefield Twitter and subreddit pages, many fans have voiced their concerns about the fun and quirky Christmas skins as they feel DICE is trying to take BF2042 the way of more colorful and cartoonish games like Fortnite. Battlefield’s success, on the other hand, is based more in its realism. There is now a bit of online war raging on between those who welcome the new changes, and those who wish to stay true to Battlefield’s roots.

So what actually happened and what is the Battlefield Santa Skin?

Well, on December 2nd, 2021, Update #3 was rolled out to Battlefield 2042 on all platforms. As we reported at the time, the new update fixed a number of bugs, but was also rolled out in preparation of the new Weekly Missions coming to the game in the next few days. As a result of the update, some fans caught a sneak preview of two new holiday-themed Mission rewards.

Great Outdoors battlefield webster
Webster’s “Great Outdoors” skin

The Father Winter skin is perhaps the most controversial of the two. A new fit for Pyotr “Boris” Guskovsky, the Santa-themed skin makes Boris’ beard bushier and almost completely white, as he dons a long red and white hooded robe. On the other hand, a new skin was also revealed for Webster Mackay, dressing him in an Australian style bush hat and a red flannel shirt. The skin, which some are referring to as a “cowboy skin”, is called Great Outdoors.

Battlefield’s official statement about the Santa skins

According to the Battlefield Direct Communication Twitter feed, the skins were produced as potential options for the holidays, and might not even be used at all. This is apparently because the development team has to plan things like this months in advance and now have “other priorities”.

The Twitter thread goes on to confirm some upcoming weapon skins instead, including an icy blue wrap, which will be available as part of the upcoming Mission rewards. Even these garner some criticism for being too far removed from the gritty war style of Battlefield V and earlier. The Tweets have of course caused quite the stir, with No-Pats in the comments arguing over whether the Santa skin and other cosmetic items have a place in BF2042 or not.

weapon skin ice

Fans aren’t happy with this new direction for Battlefield 2042

As mentioned, fans have been quick to voice their opinions on the new skins, and the new direction they seemingly take Battlefield in. While some are happy with the change, welcoming the slightly less serious skins ahead of the festive season, others think that Battlefield should stick with it’s more severe and realistic war theme, leaving quirky cosmetics to games like Fortnite. There is definitely a case for both sides of the argument, so how DICE responds from here remains to be seen. We’ll certainly know more once the Weekly Missions are introduced to the game, and we’ll find out whether Father Winter ever gets to see the light of day.

What are your thoughts on Battlefield going down this artistic route? Are you a fan or earning more varied skins or would you rather stick to what you’re used to? Let us know in the comments below!

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