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UK retailer CCL drops the price of several GPUs: stock available now

Retailer CCL slashes prices

Updated: Apr 11, 2022 3:35 pm
UK retailer CCL drops the price of several GPUs: stock available now

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We first broke the news about ASUS lowering GPU prices in the UK, and now it appears that more retailers and brands are following suit, in an exchange we had with CCL Online, we can see the graphics cards across the entire spectrum are subject to more price drops than ever before, which should help when it comes to getting cards closer to their original MSRP after years of extremely inflated pricing due to demand, in addition to the impact from the Cryptocurrency market. Now that these factors began to die off, we’re seeing a steady easing in demand, with TSMC even proclaiming that demand for PC parts will become slightly slower. This has even lead analysts to believe that GPU pricing is about to come crashing down, and we’re seeing the first evidence of that right now.

We’ve got a roundup of some of the best GPU deals from CCL, who have proceeded to slash the prices of several graphics cards across the entire stack, which can also be paired with voucher codes, giving you a great price on a brand-new graphics card that’s actually in stock right now. We’ve listed the vouchers that you need to know about below:

  • ‘SAVE30’ – Get £30 off a £500 spend
  • ‘SAVE20’ – Get £20 off a £250 spend
  • ‘SAVE75’ – Get £75 off a £1000 spend

GPUs discounted right now at CCL

CCL is one of the most well-established PC component stores in the UK, meaning that you can trust purchasing a graphics card from them, and they happen to have oodles of them in stock right now, so you can finally secure your brand-new graphics card without any faff.

For any items that do not meet the next threshold for a better discount, just add a pack of £1 cable ties to get access to the next tier of discount, they’ll come in handy somehow in your next PC build.

For our money, the best deal there right now is on the RTX 3070 Ti, which will offer you near flagship-level performance at an extremely competitive price. We’ve not seen a 3070 Ti that cheap for a very long time, so if you are in the market for an aftermarket one, be sure to pick one up while the discounts last, as they’ll not stick around forever, and nor will the stock on these graphics cards. Move quickly to have a chance at nabbing yourself a card that is slowly creeping closer to MSRP pricing.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to make more GPU deals posts like this in the future, since supply is now seemingly stabilizing in the UK.

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