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Cities Skylines Airports DLC lands January 25

The Cities Skylines Airports expansion is now live

Updated: Jan 26, 2022 7:38 am
Cities Skylines Airports expansion

Paradox Interactive is back with the latest Cities: Skylines DLC, Airports. The Cities Skylines Airports DLC features a major expansion is live now on both PC and console platforms. The new expansion offers the players the chance to build their own airports, travel hubs, set up gates, and connect the airport through a concourse, leading to passengers jetting off on the runway or coming back after their destination.

For those interested in the key features of the exemption, you can expect the following from the Cities Skylines Airports expansion:

  • Modern Airport Building – Connect terminals, gates, and other buildings via the concourse to design yourself.
  • Airport progression – An airport brings with it businesses and tourism, so be ready to build around these aspects of your city and reap the most from the infrastructure project.
  • Public Transport – Public transport is one of the biggest real-life logistical nightmares around airports. Be ready to build motorways, trains, trams and bus routes to get your flight passengers to the airport in time for their plane.
  • Cargo – You can also build an airport for cargo planes. Add cargo terminals and make your airport function for the sake of supply. 

The new Cities Skylines Airports DLC also dropped today with a trailer, featuring the way the entire airport expansion works. The video features aspects that you’ll no doubt be familiar with. For example, those familiar with building motorways will find similarities with the runway and concourse constructions. Also, be warned that you will need a lot of space and planning to build yourself an airport project.

City Skylines community updates

It is also worth mentioning that the update comes with plenty of other paid content. You can expect to get your hands on eight new terrain maps for those wondering. Meanwhile, you can also expand the vehicle collection with the City Skylines Vehicles of the World pack, adding in 21 new vehicle assets from all over the world. Moreso, there is a Calm the Mind Radio, which is a relaxation-themed radio channel you can turn on in-game. Lastly, there is an on the air feature. The radio station brings in jazz vibes.

The Content Creator Pack: Vehicles Of The World and Content Creator Map Pack are available for  $4.99 / £3.99 / €4.99 each on your platform’s store. On the other hand, the radio stations are purchasable for $3.99 / £2.89 / €3.99. The actual Cities Skylines Airports expansion costs $12.99 or equivalent currency on your platform’s store.

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