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Corsair DDR5 Dominator, Vengeance RAM Announced

Corsair's next generation of DDR5 RAM could boast speeds up to 6,333 MHz

Updated: Oct 28, 2021 10:02 am
corsair DDR5

Corsair has released the first image of its new DDR5 series of RAM modules, with the Veangence and Dominator series both due for a DDR5 upgrade for next-generation speeds. Earlier this week corsair released pictures of the upcoming Vengeance DDR5 memory kits, they will retain the classic low-profile design of their previous DDR4 counterparts.

DDR5 memory is on the horizon

Corsair posted a piece on their blog detailing their plans for the next generation of RAM. with DDR4 reaching the end of its lifespan, DDR5 is soon to hit the shelves and corsair has plans to update their Iconic Dominator and Vengeance line of products with this impressive new standard of memory. DDR4 has been around for 7 years, initially released in 2014, and has long provided gamers with memory speeds up to 3200MHz. 7 years is an eternity in the gaming technology world so we gamers are bout due for this new jump in memory speed technology.

What is DDR5?

DDR5 is an upcoming standard of memory that allows theoretical speeds of up to 51GBps and an incredible potential capacity of 128GB per module, doubling DDR4’s maximum of 32GB per module. This is an impressive leap and is sure to come with an equally impressive price for early adopters of this new standard, but as time goes on DDR5 will receive price drops and will become accessible for all gamers, just as the previous standard did.

ddr5 memory
This graph from corsair gives an idea of the DDR5 speed capabilities

The increased capacity, density, and bandwidth will allow your PC to handle more at once, this means increased performance in gaming, streaming, and memory-intensive creative programs like Blender and photoshop. perhaps a theoretic total memory capacity of 512GB will even satisfy the famously greedy Google Chrome, but even with this huge capacity, I’m still not convinced that Chrome will have its fill.

When will DDR5 be released?

At time of writing, there is no concrete release date yet. But it’s rumored to be available in time for the upcoming Alder Lake-S series of processors as they will be compatible with both DDR5 and DDR4.

Given the scarcity of information out there right now we can’t say much, but we will be keeping an eye on the grapevine and will continue to update you as and when.

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