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That death loop bug has finally been fixed in Far Cry 6 update

Far Cry 6 Title update 2 confirms accidental mission release and removes death loop bug

Updated: Nov 8, 2021 9:18 am
trejo far cry 6 update patch notes

When the Dani & Danny vs Everybody mission was released on November 2nd, we sensed that it probably shouldn’t have been, as it appeared to be incomplete. No doubt, with November 3rd’s Title Update 2, the mission has disappeared as quickly as it came.

Another huge fix that came in with the update’s patch notes is a bug to an ongoing problem in which players could become stuck in a never ending loop of death. That’s a mistake we are glad to see the back of.

Looping death bug in Far Cry 6

In short, the death loop was caused by an autosave taking place at just the wrong moment. We’ve all had that feeling when an autosave happens just before you do something stupid you can’t take back – but let’s face it, we’d still love an autosave irl – but this is a whole new level of awkward.

When the autosave happened at the time of death, of course you’d be looped back into said death, reliving the same horrible moment over and over again. As funny as this sounds when it’s not happening to you, it is a game-breaking bug, as you can’t progress any further. That being said, have a laugh at Reddit user V-Techy’s expense. Surely we can laugh now that’s been fixed, right?

So you can now carry on progressing through Yara without the fear of Groundhog death happening to you.

Dani & Danny vs Everybody mission removal

The other big fix that took place in this recent update is a little more disappointing. While you had a very brief opportunity to claim Danny Trejo’s bike after taking some time to tell him just how much you love his films (and obviously pick up some taco ingredients – there must be an Old El Paso joke in there somewhere), the mission is no longer available. Well done if you got it while you could.

If you didn’t get through the mission before it was taken down, don’t fear, it will be back. The reason it’s been removed is because it was never meant to have been released in the first place. Dani & Danny vs Everybody was accidentally released before it was even finished, meaning Ubisoft obviously wants to get it completed, and put it back out when it’s ready.

There were a whole host of other changes and bug fixes made in the Title Update 6, but these are the biggest hitters. Take a look at our guide to the full patch notes for more on the other amendments.

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