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Are games good for kids?

There are many stereotypes that games are not good for kids. It is simply not true, games are awesome, gamers even more.

Updated: Feb 17, 2022 10:30 am
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The popular stereotype is that games cause violence and are bad for you. Well, here I am to disagree with all of that.

Games are good for kids

Benefits of playing game at different stages of life

First of all there are a lot of obvious benefits of kids playing video games. Starting from the earliest stages of life, introducing kids to games on a tablet or something involving physical interactions can be beneficial as much as real toys. It can build up kid’s logical thinking, linking facts and strategic approach to everyday life.

Later on, introducing kids of early school age to simple story games based on their favorite movies or animated series can be a great way to build reflexes and emotions. Being able to expand on the universe they love with video games and not only movies and toys branded the same way is also a great option. Children can learn the natural ability of making research. It is very important later in life.

Games and education

The biggest flaw of educational system is the fact that they do not teach how to get knowledge. Most systems in most countries (not all) still rely heavily on remembering information and data. The most important thing you need to learn is HOW to actually learn. How to gain information, process it, and discard the useless or fake information and distinct it from the truth. Access to information is so easy that there is no practical reason for remembering all the information because if you know how and where to look you can check everything in a matter of seconds. Games are great for that, they allow you to shape creative thinking and logical approach. Even if you are stuck on some in-game puzzle, then you go and do research, look for guides and walkthroughs to help with the problem and problem-solving is another very essential ability in life.

Social and language skills

Another things are social skills and language training. Being a part of community is a good thing, and it will allow for people to speak their minds more freely, especially kids. Participating as part of a team—a support or a healer builds relations and teamwork outside games too. Being a leader builds another set of abilities that would command a raid for a castle in a game or something. Last but not least, learning language from video games is a huge thing. I personally learned most of what I know from playing games, and I am not an English native speaker, so there’s that.

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Do games cause violence?

To answer simply no. Of course, there are cases where someone who played video games committed crimes, but these are most often than not taken out of context. Furthermore, various research confirmed that if any person, no matter the age is exposed to violence and violent behavior in games they actually get the steam off their chest and just drain themselves from negative emotions. This means they are less likely to express anger outside in real life, if they get angry at a cheater in a video game and rant about it for some time. Then they let out their steam and will not be aggressive towards others in real life.

Cursing is another thing, and even I think that games teach using curse words directly or in-directly by participating in online matches with community members that might use that language. However, in the current world it is impossible not to be exposed to harsh language, and learning it any way or another is a good thing. The world is not filled with flowers, and even though you should believe in yourself and your own abilities, it is just pointless to avoid curse language. It is so much better to get your anger verbally than physically.

Are games good for kids? – Summary

Games are a great way to express yourself, spend time and learn a lot. It is important not to think of games as something negative. They often allow for a lot more freedom and creativity than movies, TV series or even books. It is a great medium, and it is worth doing some research before coming up with conclusions based on some stereotypes. Let your kids play games with caution, of course. Age restrictions like PEGI or ESRB are ratings for a reason, so make sure to know what games your kid is playing.

Also make sure not to spend too much time stuck in a virtual world, because being exposed too much can be not beneficial on your health like eyes or back pain. Make sure to take breaks every hour or so, and expose yourself to sunlight. Get out of your room once in a while, talk to your kids or parents about games, do not avoid the topic because one of the sides would not understand. The just might.

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