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Intel confirms the world’s first 6GHz CPU 

Intel at its “Tech Tour 2022” proudly announced that Raptor Lake will feature the world’s first CPU clocked at 6GHz.

Updated: Oct 20, 2022 3:33 pm
Intel Announces worlds first 6 GHz CPU

Intel confirms the world’s first 6GHz CPU: Intel has kept relatively quiet regarding Raptor Lake and 13th gen CPUs, we haven’t really seen any official information as we’ve only had leaks and rumors to go off. Now we finally have some official information regarding Raptor Lake, and whilst it’s all exciting, we want to focus on something in particular. 

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Intel announces the world’s first 6GHz processor 

Intel has officially announced, during its Tech Tour 2022 as covered by WccfTech, that Raptor Lake will feature the first-ever 6GHz CPU, presumably the 13900K, although the specifications do not read that. 

Intel Tech Tour 2022 13th Gen Raptor Lake CPU Worlds First 6GHz Processor

Intel’s 13th gen Raptor Lake CPUs utilize the hybrid core design that debuted in Alder Lake CPUs. This hybrid core design promises to improve performance and more importantly, efficiency. 

This efficiency is achieved by integrating two separate CPU core architectures under the same IHS. In this case, it’s both Efficiency-cores and Performance-cores. The performance cores are the heavy lifters of the CPU, clocked high and hyperthreaded for more computational capacity. 

By contrast, the Efficiency-cores are clocked low and single-threaded to preserve power and be more power efficient. These are the cores that handle the more mundane CPU instructions that don’t require a lot of performance to complete. 

What does a higher clock speed mean? 

The advantage higher clock speeds bring, is that a CPU can complete more cycles every second, this cycle is measured in Hz. A CPU instruction cycle consists of three main actions, these are: fetch, decode, and execute. These actions fundamentally comprise computing as we know it.

The faster this cycle can complete the more instructions the CPU can process, (depending on the number of CPU cores also). This is directly proportionate to CPUs power. 

So if you have two CPUs belonging to the same architecture, both have four cores, but one runs at 6GHz and one runs at 5GHz, the 6GHz model is vastly superior, as it’s performing roughly one billion more cycles per second per CPU core.

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Will we see a Core i9-13900KS? 

The reason we’re asking this question is due to the fact that the advertised frequencies of the Raptor Lake flagship (the i9-13900K) are 5.8GHz as advertised by WccfTech

Intel may have been speaking of overclocking when referring to the “first 6GHz CPU” but overclocking isn’t representative of the performance that everyone sees out of a product. Overclocking is reserved for those with the headroom and the experience to implement. 

So, if Intel is not speaking of overclocking the i9-13900K, then we may be seeing the very first referral of a Raptor Lake special edition CPU. The last released special edition CPU is the i9-12900KS. However, it’s not normal for Intel to release two KS CPUs one generation after another. 

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