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It Takes Two passes 5 million downloads

A Sweet Success

Updated: Feb 7, 2022 7:54 pm
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The good news keeps coming for 2021’s surprise GOTY winner. It Takes Two has won the hearts of people worldwide. Mature subject matter combined with a unique, endearing artstyle – all packaged together with storybook flair – makes it a real standout. And now, developer Hazelight Studios have announced that It Takes Two has passed the 5 million download mark!

Filling a need

It Takes Two isn’t just a hit based on its style and substance alone. Hazelight Studios has noticed a real gap in the market, and their games seem tailor-made as a solution. A lot of players – especially longtime ones – have a real nostalgia for couch co-op. And Hazelight Studios is more than willing to provide that experience where others won’t. Each of their releases thus far have been truly co-operative multiplayer adventures. A Way Out really put the studio on the map with its innovative co-operative gameplay and pulse-pounding story. And even Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, which was originally crafted as a single-player adventure, later had multiplayer added. And while these games can be played online, most of the more exciting features – not to mention story themes – hit hardest when shared with somebody right next to you.

It Takes Two to heal

It Takes Two was primed to hit hard given the time of its release.  Many outlets’ 2020 GOTY was Hades. A game about – when it’s boiled down to the basics – being stuck inside but making the best of a tough situation. It resonated heavily with players during the height of the pandemic. And Hazelight’s latest no doubt struck a similar chord. The game is prime to emphasise the importance of human bonds and co-operation. Playing with others had been sorely missed for many gamers, and this adventure brought that joy right back to the fore. Not only did it win the coveted Game of the Year, but it took home Best Multiplayer and Best Family Game too.

It Takes Two Turns To TV?

The characters of It Takes Two are now beloved. And it won’t be the last players see of this family either. It Takes Two has multiple screen adaptations in the works. With its popularity only growing, maybe we’ll see the game crest ten million before too long?

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