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LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Receives First Major Update

Here is everything you need to know about the new update.

Updated: May 23, 2022 11:41 am

LEGO Star Wars finally arrived last month after several delays. The new RPG allows players to revisit the entire Luke Skywalker saga with over 300 playable characters. The game combines the classic humorous LEGO gameplay with the Star Wars saga. The game launched successfully with some great reviews and it is already getting its first major update with a host of changes. Here is everything you need to know about the new update.

Sandbox Mode Gets Fixes

Sandbox Mode is a fully creative building experience for LEGO Worlds. You’ll have all of the tools, objects, and bricks unlocked from the start. While the Skywalker Saga is a linear game mostly, if you want a classic LEGO sandbox experience, the game has a creative mode for you. The new update added under the hood optimizations for the new sandbox mode.

34 New Kyber Bricks Added

Exploration rewards players as they uncover Kyber Bricks which unlock new features and upgraded abilities across a range of character classes, including Jedi, Hero, Dark Side, Villain, Scavenger, Scoundrel, Bounty Hunter, Astromech Droid, and Protocol Droid. 34 new Kyber Bricks have been added to the game as part of the update.

Four Capital Ship Encounters Added

More than 100 vehicles from across the galaxy to command. Join dogfights and defeat capital ships like the Super Star Destroyer that can be boarded and explored. The new update added four new Capital Ship encounters in Fulminatrix, Home One, Invisible Hand, and Venator. The new content is available to all players and you will be able to earn additional Kyber Bricks when completing the activities.

The game launched with some minor bugs where players would get stuck in Episode 3, Episode 7, and the Green Harvest freeplay mission. The issues have now been resolved and you should be able to complete the missions without running into glitches. In Episode 3 wherein certain situations, the level trigger for ‘The High Ground’ could fail to appear, and you will finally be able to get the high ground after updating the game. The game experienced a successful launch and players have been having a lot of fun with it. It is appealing to both LEGO fans as well as Star Wars fans. If you want to check out the new patch notes, you can head to the official website here. If LEGO is not your cup of tea and you are waiting for the next Jedi: Fallen Order sequel, check out our coverage of the upcoming game here.

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