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More Nintendo November Advent Calendar treats revealed

TikToker Celinaspookyboo opens more doors on her exclusive Nintendo November Calendar

Updated: Nov 8, 2021 9:29 am
Nintendo November advent countdown calendar

On November 3rd, we told you about the incredible November countdown calendar that one lucky TikTok star received from Nintendo. Celinaspookyboo opened five of the doors (despite it only being three days into the month), revealing some very exciting treats.

The items inside the box are great stocking filler ideas, so we can only assume this is a promotional move by Nintendo to get some gift list items out into the world. Celina will be opening 5 doors at a time (as she has “no self control”), so we can expect another four reveals to come throughout the month. Here’s the latest…

What’s in the box?

The Nintendo November calendar has already revealed some great gifts, such as a pair of Joy Cons and an amiibo. Now, five more gift ideas have been presented.

Super Mario Ice Cube Tray
Mario Kart brown paper lunch bag
Super Mario fridge magnets
NES Coasters
Super Mario Mug

Nintendo November advent calendar coasters

While it does seem that some of the items are a little harder to find and are perhaps exclusive influencer items or currently unreleased, we have done our best to find as many of the items, or similar items, to those in the Nintendo November calendar.

Super Mario Ice Cube Tray

This ice cube tray is our favorite item from this reveal, we just love to make our fave beverage a little bit fancier with some cool (geddit?) ice cubes. And you could use food colouring in your water or even juice to make awesome red, yellow and green Mario-themed ice! Then invent some Mario-themed cocktails to put them in!

OK, this idea has legs, and we could be here forever, so let’s just get to the point.

NES Cartridge Coasters

These awesome, retro NES coasters would make a great accessory for those delicious cocktails as well. Designed to look like a NES cartridge, these coasters protect your woodwork and look great, and are perfect for any retro gaming fan.

Super Mario Mug

Now, we’re not sure this is the exact mug from the calendar, but it’s awesome, so we couldn’t not share it. With a similar retro, side-scrolling Mario design to that in the calendar, this mug changes colour when filled with a nice, warming drink. (Wait, I sense an unintentional theme here.)

Now, we couldn’t find the awesome lunch bag, so we will be keeping our eyes peeled to find out if this is an upcoming Nintendo item or not. On the contrary, Super Mario fridge magnets are quite easy to come by, with a wide variety of designs available.

Well, not only have these kitchen-friendly ideas made us feel parched, but they’re certainly getting us excited for Christmas. Check back in a few days when we know what Celina gets from days 11 – 15 of the Nintendo November countdown calendar. We certainly can’t wait to see, even if it is all making us feel a little sick with envy.

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