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Nintendo gift incredible November advent calendar to TikTok star

Is the huge ‘Nintendo November’ calendar available for us non-influencers to buy?

Updated: Nov 26, 2021 1:59 pm
Nintendo gift incredible November advent calendar to TikTok star

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UPDATE: November 16th, 2021 — So, Celina apparently got bored of waiting (I totally understand how it might have just been too tempting) and she has opened every remaining door on the calendar!! Check out the final Nintendo November reveal video below!

UPDATE: November 8th, 2021 — Five more doors to the Nintendo November calendar were opened over the weekend, and another five incredible gifts were revealed. It has to be said, our personal favourite is Controller Gear’s Princess Peach cap, which you can get your hands on yourself! Then there’s the Mario licensed memory card for adding much-needed storage space to your Switch. Celina also revealed a squishy Koopa shell, a Super Mario Lego character pack and a 12-month subscription to Nintendo Switch online. Watch the full video on her TikTok.

UPDATE: November 5th, 2021 — Celina has opened five more of the doors of her Nintendo November countdown calendar. Check out what she got, and whether you can get it too, here.

Celinaspookyboo is a Tiktok influencer known for her hilarious sleepwalking videos and terrible jokes, both of which drive her other half to distraction. With over 22 million followers, she’s often gifted items from amazing companies, with Nintendo having sent her consoles, clothing and games in the past. This time, they’ve really stepped it up a notch, gifting the jokester a humongous “Nintendo November” advent calendar. If you’ve not seen it yet, you can see the first video reveal below. Be warned, though, you will probably turn an ugly shade of green…

A very Nintendo November

So far, we’ve only seen Celina open the first few doors on the Nintendo November advent calendar, but already we can see that this is no low-end item. Behind the door for November 1st, Nintendo left Celina a pink and green joy-con set currently worth around $79.99/£69.99. Again, that’s just day one of 30. The influencer then proceeded to reveal a set of Animal Crossing pins and an AC water bottle, a novelty Mario pen and a Goomba amiibo. We don’t yet know what else is hidden behind the remaining 25 doors, but we’re already speculating that there will likely be a Nintendo Switch Oled at the end.

Is the Nintendo November advent calendar available to purchase?

November Nintendo advent calendar

It doesn’t appear that us normal people that don’t have millions of voyeurs spectating our everyday lives can get our hands on one of these Nintendo November calendars. And with November having already started, presumably we never will. Never mind the fact that it would surely set us back hundreds of dollars if we could.

Presumably, Nintendo are using this promotional item to get gift ideas out there as we start heading out to get our Christmas shopping done. Most of the items seen so far are available, either through Nintendo or their official partner Controller Gear, after all.

Gaming advent calendars you can buy

If you are looking for a novelty gaming advent calendar, though, there are options out there, even if they’re not quite as epic as this one. Here’s just a few that we found…

Make your own Nintendo advent calendar

This super Mario countdown calendar is a fabric wall-hanging with little pockets, and comes with a Mario toy included. The idea is that you move tiny Mario along with each day of December as he helps you count down the most exciting month of the year.

Having said that, we see another use for this one. As we all dream of getting hold of Celina’s crazy calendar, we could just make our own. Well, sort of. There’s certainly not enough room for a water bottle or a Nintendo console in here, but you could pop a tiny little surprise of your choosing into each pocket for a daily December treat.

Pokémon advent calendar

Staying with Nintendo, Pokémon fans can catch a bunch of cute figures and festive scenery during the advent countdown with this Pokémon calendar. Featuring adorable Pokémon with a festive shiny finish, you can create an idyllic holiday scene as you work through the month.

Sonic the Hedgehog advent calendar

On the other hand, Sega fans can get a buildable Sonic statue, split into 24 clip-together pieces to collect during your countdown to Christmas. The official Sonic store seems to only be offering this in the UK and EU, but does appear to be available in the US through third-party retailers.

Funko Pop advent calendar

Our personal favorite, though, is one for the Funko fans – and horror fans – and is the Five Nights at Freddy’s Funko calendar. If you can trust these tiny Funko figures not to come after you at night, it’s a fantastic game-themed calendar that lasts longer than a few bites of chocolate. And if you’re not a horror fan, Funko also has their own Pokémon calendar.

Nintendo virtual advent calendar

Back in 2019, Nintendo did have a virtual advent calendar, in which you had a chance to win prizes with every door opened, as long as you remembered to come back and check in each day. There wasn’t a Nintendo Festive Gaming Calendar for 2020, unfortunately, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed they bring it back for 2021.

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