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Jensen’s Nvidia Keynote Karaoke will give your abs a workout

It would seem not even generative AI can achieve the miracle of getting a crowd full of sober nerds to sing corporate karaoke at Computex

Updated: May 30, 2023 5:12 pm
Jensen’s Nvidia Keynote Karaoke will give your abs a workout

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Perpetually leather-bound legend Jensen Huang left the crowd stunned at Nvidia’s Computex presentation with an impressive display of the powers of generative AI – before having them avoiding eye-contact as he tried to get them to join him in a heart-warming singalong.

“I am here at Computex. I will make you like me best, yeah. Sing sing it with me. I really like NVIDIA.”

Powerful words I think you’ll agree. These were written by an AI you say? Well actually no – thank God that some artistry is beyond the means of crude machines, or else we’d all be lost. We have to assume these were written by someone at Nvidia, presumably Mr. Huang himself, sweating at his writing desk all night before the big event, quill in hand.

Showing off the Voicemod – Text to Song features of Google’s generative AI, Jensen plugged these hot bars into said program and had the insidious intelligence produce a tune and vocal melody to match them, which it proceeded to show off to the crowd.

“Can you do that?”, he asked: yeah probably Jensen, but it’s still fairly impressive.

Prior to this he’d shown off the Google – Text to Music feature by inputting the words: “Taiwanese traditional music. Peaceful, like it’s warm and raining in a lush forest at daybreak” and the foul bot produced a beautiful (though probably very derivative – I don’t know Taiwanese traditional music) multi-instrumental composition. Genuinely quite amazing.

However, there was one final flourish to the demonstration – Big Daddy Huang requested that the crowd joined him in a rendition of the aforementioned words to the melody the AI produced in the finest traditions of Taiwanese karaoke.

He gave it a go, but despite a few amused smiles, the crowd basically mugged him off royally, leaving him to give a somewhat David Brent / Michael Scott – esque performance. The poor man, still I’m sure his bed of money will comfort him tonight.

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Tough crowd

A brief explainer on Taiwanese Karaoke culture

Upon enduring said train wreck, I did think – what did you expect? Getting a crowd full of sober tech journalists to try and sing karaoke, surrounded by potential business associates they’re trying to impress? A five second Google revealed the following:

“In Taiwan Karaoke does not mean standing up in front of the bar and belting out out-of tune ballads to a drunken audience… Rather Karaoke is enjoyed in a private room with only close friends present. Usually, friends go in groups, with rooms catering up to 20 people. As it is usually only close friends who are present, the atmosphere is much more relaxed and there isn’t the fear of singing in front of strangers. Nevertheless, there is still the need to perform well – many Taiwanese spend hours practicing at home before going to KTV (Karaoke Television)!” (source: Asia Options)

So it appears that Taiwanese people don’t need to get leathered on Kaoliang beforehand, but a room full of well over twenty strangers is an absolute no go.

Jensen Karaoke catastrophe at Computex : The Final Word

We are very excited to see what AI generated delights Mr. Jensen will bring us next year. Between this and him getting graphics cards out of ovens in his kitchen, we do have a fondness for the man and his eccentric stylings. Long may he reign. Do make sure you check out our wider Computex coverage for some actual proper articles about genuine newsworthy topics.

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