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Pokémon Unite’s terrifying new character for Halloween is, um, Greedent.

Greedent is just the pumpkin on top of the long list of Pokemon Unite’s exciting new additions for its Halloween Festival.

Updated: Oct 27, 2021 3:33 pm
Pokémon Unite’s terrifying new character for Halloween is, um, Greedent.

The adorably chubby-cheeked Greedy Pokémon isn’t usually synonymous with Halloween season, but Greedent will be the next playable character added to Pokémon Unite. As well as the new addition, the Festival will see your other favorite monsters get dressed up for the occasion – much like they do in Pokémon Go – and there’ll be new items to dress your avatar up in as well.

Pokémon Unite Halloween Festival

The Festival has been announced via a trailer on the Pokémon Unite Youtube channel, but there has no more specific information released as yet. Take a look at the trailer below.

New Pokémon – Greedent

We don’t know much from just the trailer about Greedent’s addition to the game, but we can see it using Seed Bomb and eating berries – two of its favorite hobbies, of course. We’ll need to wait to find out which other moves Greedent will be capable of using and what the best build for it will be, but we’ll update you as soon as we know more.

New Pokémon skins

pokemon unite halloween festival greedent

Other Pokémon – Spookémon, if you will – will be dipping into their fancy dress boxes and adorning themselves with Fall-themed outfits for the duration of the event. You’d think, being a fire Pokémon, Charizard would be warm enough already. But no-one is safe from a fall chill, and Charizard wraps up in a knitted hat and scarf combo for the spooky season. Slowbro also gets a knitted Bonfire Style, with a jumper and hat to keep him warm. Meanwhile, Blastoise and Eldegoss take a different approach, getting their Firefighter and Space style costumes out, respectively.

New avatar items

In a moment of parity with Pokémon Go, the adorable Pikachu Pumpkin head is available for your avatar in Pokémon Unite as well. You’ll also be able to choose a Pointed Hat instead, or pop on a Candy Bag to stash your sweet, virtual trick or treat haul. Then, there’s even Halloween themes Stickers, Frames and Backgrounds to make your Unite Snapshot suitably seasonal.

New moves

While there is still little information about it, the trailer introduces us to a “spooky new way to play,” as well. This seems to be a new move, with a pumpkin-themed animation. Attacked characters are engulfed inside a gourd, before another pumpkin attack takes them all out.

When is Pokémon Unite’s Halloween Festival

Pokémon Unite’s Halloween Festival will start on October 20th and run until November 7th, 2021.

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