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What is the ‘preparing the Epic Games launcher’ error?

We go through the reason why you could be encountering the preparing the Epic Games launcher error

Updated: Dec 30, 2021 4:27 pm
What is the ‘preparing the Epic Games launcher’ error?

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Update: December 30: Seems like you all want Tomb Raider badly. So much so the influx of people seems to be bottlenecking the Epic Games Launcher servers. Chances are it’s a come back later type of situation, but we are looking into it again.

Update: December 29: We have noticed this article is getting traffic coincidently at the time EGS is expected to give out another game for free as part of the EGS Crimbo celebrations. Not to mention players are reporting issues with Fortnite.

Original Story

The Epic Games Launcher is slowly becoming one of the most popular gaming platforms globally, with its exclusivity over its titles, such as Fortnite, or due to the exclusivity deals. People go on the launcher all the time to play those very games. However, when the server has a bit of a hiccup, it sadly means that getting access to those games gets harder.

How to fix the preparing the Epic Games launcher error?

One of the most common Epic Games launcher issues relates to the ‘preparing the Epic Games launcher’. Sometimes you will encounter this issue when there’s a problem with the servers and the Epic Games Launcher struggle to handshake. This can de down to several factors, but the most important one is that preparing the Epic Games Launcher stuck loading seems to occur when there are AWS networking issues.

Amazon Web Service is one of the most popular internet server infrastructures globally. When there are AWS issues, it seems like the whole world burns. For example, the New World servers went down, while some of Ubisoft’s games had issues too.

Sadly, there is nothing you can do about it when this happens. All you can do is wait and let it endlessly connect to the EGS servers. Chances are you will get the EC-BI-LS-3 error code, and according to an official Epic employee on Reddit, it means there’s an issue with connecting to Epic’s backend servers. It means it is likely a login issue on Epic’s end, which is largely the issue, but it could be a personal issue at the same time. If there are no mass down detectors reporting EGS issues, then it’s more than likely an issue on your end.

Alternatively, it could be an issue with your internet or connection. You should always try to turn off your router, PC and do the usual restart just in case it is a basic error on your end.  Other than that, it’s either something you have total control over or no control over whatsoever. Hopefully, that has explained why preparing the Epic Games launcher continuously loads when everything else seems to be fine.

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