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PUBG Halloween Battle Royale resurrects the popular PUBG Fantasy BR LTM

Bluehole has brought back the Fantasy Labs Battle Royale event for Halloween.

Updated: Oct 20, 2021 4:48 pm
PUBG Halloween Battle Royale resurrects the popular PUBG Fantasy BR LTM

Bluehole has announced that PUBG is joining in on the Halloween festivities. The popular meme Fantasy Battle Royale game mode that dropped back in 2020 is making its grand returns, only this time with a Halloween theme. The PUBG LABS Halloween Battle Royale event offers players the chance to return to the madness once again.

PUBG Labs Halloween Battle Royale

The PUBG Labs Halloween Battle Royale Event modifies the maps you know and love to make it much more spooky. Rather than dropping across the game’s maps, you instead fly on a Ghost Ship, containing the souls of the damned (you). More so, instead of playing the game as normal, you will select one of four classes:

  1. Executioner
  2. Ranger
  3. Pyromancer
  4. Cleric

When you get into a pre-game lobby, you will have the opportunity to select your class. When you’re in the ghost ship, your class gets its signature weapon, ring and necklace. If you want to upgrade your gear,k you will need to collect resources to level them up, rather than find better weapons as you would in a regular PUBG game.

If you opt to play the Executioner, you will spawn with the Axe of Swiftness. It will then upgrade into the Halberd of Restraint at level 2, which allows the Executioner to pull in nearby enemies towards its position. The Executions also gets a stun baton that can stun the enemy for two seconds and gain health and speed boosts.

Meanwhile, the Ranger starts with a  Crossbow, which then upgrades into the Blade of Invisibility, which allows the user to turn invisible from time to time. The Ranger comes equipped with a Snare Trap and flashbang so it can protect itself.

The Pyromancer is the master of fire magic, casting spells from the Gloves of Calamity. At level two it turns into the Hellfire Cannon which can fire infinitely. Also, you get a firewall that blocks the enemy paths and a meteor shower if your necklace is level three.

Finally, the Cleric is the knight of the realm. The character spawns with a Mace and Shield, which later levels up into a shotgun that can heal allies and damage enemies. All Clerics come with a healing grenade titled Vitality Bomb and a First Aid Kit.

Finally, there is even more in stock, with Treasure Chests falling from the sky instead of supply drops. Moreso, vehicles are now themed into various ghost ship styles and all. The Halloween event is now live on all platforms, and you can queue by selecting the Halloween option on the main menu. You can find the full patch notes here.

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