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Smite Shiva: Hi-Rez reveal the next god launching in February 2022

Shiva is the next Smite god to launch, and will be the first of Season 9.

Updated: Jan 6, 2022 10:54 am
Smite Shiva: Hi-Rez reveal the next god launching in February 2022

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Hi-Rez Studios has just concluded its major reveals on its first day of the Hi-Rez Showcase. We got new content for Rogue Company coming up, along with content for Smite. With the end of Smite season 8 nigh, it is now time to build the hype for Smite Season 9, and that is exactly what they did. Smite’s next god is Shiva, who is due to release in February 2022.

Smite Shiva

During the Hi-Rez Showcase, the developers showed off plenty of content teasers for Season 9. However, one of the few guarantees we got was the inclusion of Smite’s next god, Shiva. Shiva is a god within the Hindu belief structure, known as the Destroyer. While the name implies death and destruction, Shiva is a god of balance, both destruction and balance are one of the same.

In terms of the game’s lore Shiva was summoned to the Pantheon of the Gods to contest against Tiamat’s crusade, which the dragon of the sea has been on since her introduction in season 8. The storyline continues, with the awakening of Shiva, the go who understands the balance of destruction and creation. There’s a voice line that states this world is not for Tiamat to recreate, which he then unites the universe, bringing in Arthurian gods onto the battlefield, uniting with Gilgamesh and Ballona, leading to a confrontation against Tiamat.

If you’re interested in the Shiva reveal trailer, you can find it embedded below.

While this is the teaser we got, we didn’t get a closer look at the character’s skills. If you want to know more about what the Shiva does, we will need to wait until the 9.2 test patch goes live, likely after 9.1 officially launches.

When is Smite Shiva’s release date?

As it stands, there is only a vague release date for Shiva. We can expect Shiva to drop sometime in February 2022. As for the exact date, that remains to be seen. We know on January 25, Smite Season 9.1 kicks of, starting the new season of the game. What it means is that we’ll more than likely get Shivas to come as part of the 9.2 patch.

Based on some of the information in the 9.1 patch notes, we believe that 9.1 will likely drop somewhere around the week commencing February 21. The reason why si because 9.1 will include a Dharmic event, featuring two limited-time storefronts, lasting two weeks each.

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