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Paradox launch Stellaris 3.2 patch, Aquatics species pack now live

Updated: Nov 22, 2021 5:44 pm
Stellaris Aquatic DLC 3.2 Update

Paradox Interactive, the developers and publishers of the Stellaris space faring 4X game has launched its 3.2 updates, along with the Aquatic species pack. The new DLC features all-new fish related species and anything else associated with aquatic lifeforms ruined into space-faring sentients for that matter. Also, the new Stellaris 3.2 update features free content, such as 

Stellaris Aquatic Species pack

The new Stellaris Aquatic Species pack is like any old DLC flavour pack. The content comes with a mixture of aquatic portraits, origins, ascension, civics, name lists and more. Here is what you can expect in more detail. 


  • Here Be Dragons – Start in a system guarded by the Sky Dragon, this dragon will protect you from harm, as long as you keep it happy.
  • Ocean Paradise – Start on a large-sized Ocean world with rich food deposits, and get production, happiness, and pop growth bonuses on your homeworld, but start with no guaranteed habitable worlds.

Civics and Traits

The Anglers civic features something called the ‘Harvest the Bounty of the Deep’, which features the ability for Agricultural districts to produce Angler and Pearl Diver jobs. 

Meanwhile, the Aquatic species trait allows you to use the Expand Planteray Sea feature on Ocean worlds. You also get access to the Deluge Colossal weapon if you own the Apocolypse DLC as well.

Finally, the ascension perk is the Hydrocentric perk. The perk allows aquatic species to terraform planets into ocean worlds or make ocean worlds bigger by extracting the oceans from other planets and bringing them to their worlds instead.

If you want the full details on the Stellaris Aquatic Species pack, head over to your preferred PC store of choice and check the DLC out in full. The DLC costs $9.99 / £7.19 / €9.99 but is on sale at a 20% discount until November 29. 

Stellaris 3.2 update Herbert

The Stellaris 3.2 update is free for all PC players as of today (November 22). The new free 3.2 Stellaris update features a plethora of new civics, events, maps, bug fixes and other great ai improvements. 

The new Pompous Purists Civic is a civic trait you can select when you create an empire. Those who take this trait cannot receive diplomatic proposals but may propose diplomacy actions and get bonus trust growth envoys (if you already own the humanoid packs.) It is a bit like the Stellaris Clone Army trait, which is free but is a free update to paid DLC.

The other content in the Stellaris 3.2 update is rather brief, however. New terraforming events are coming to the game, which adds extra flavour to planetary events and actions. Meanwhile, there are now more anomalies and Gas giants, greatly enhancing the immersion of exploring space and time.

If you’re looking for better AI and bug fixes, this patch comes with quite a few changes. For ex\mample, the AI is now much better building, district, terraforming and starbase management making them much more efficient and better to interact.
If you’re interested, you can read up about the full Stellaris 3.2 update over on the Steam news section.

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