Top 5 Announcements From CES 2020

We can hardly believe that CES is over and done with for another year! We’ve been on the show floor each and every day getting hands on with the latest and greatest tech the manufacturers have brought to Las Vegas for 2020. We’ve brought you daily roundups, product reveals, and reviews of everything we’ve seen. But, now, it’s time for us to round up our favourites from the week. So, here are the best announcements from CES 2020.

World’s First Foldable Laptop

During the Day One Keynote announcements we got to see some pretty impressive tech. One of the coolest products we saw was the Lenovo Thinkpad X1.  This is the world’s first foldable laptop, and we were lucky enough to get hands on with it during the convention.

This laptop can work seamlessly as both a tablet and a laptop, and the fold only seems to bring positives to the design. There is no visible seam on the display, so it doesn’t affect viewing quality or graphics.

While not exactly optimised for gaming, this is a tidy little computer that would be perfect for business and everyday use on the go. When folded, it’s about the size of a small notebook, and you can fit a wireless keyboard inside it, as well as stylus for the touchscreen.

This is due to hit shelves later this year and we expect it to retail for around $2,500.

LG’s Dual Screen Gaming Phone

The LG G8X ThinQ Dual-Screen Phone was also on display at CES 2020. This was one of the first products we actually got to try out, and it still has a special place in our CES roundup. When it comes to gaming phones no matter how powerful they may be, the mobile gaming experience still feels rough around the edges. With this new dual-screen phone, LG manages to take a bit of that roughness away.

You can choose to use the phone as normal, or with the dual screen attached so you can customise your gaming experience. By having two screens, you’re able to have one work as a dedicated display and the other for your control pad.

We got to try it out in a racing game, and let me tell you – it made it infinitely easier to control the car by having the control pad on a separate screen. The phone is available now from Amazon for $699.99.

MSI GS66 Raider Gaming Laptop

We had a number of new gaming laptops showcased at CES 2020, but my personal favourite was the MSI GS66 Raider. This was showcased alongside the GE66 Stealth which comes with a more subtle design. But, what can I say? I’m a sucker for some good RGB on my gaming products.

The laptop doesn’t just look good though, it also has some pretty impressive specs underneath it all. It comes with a seriously impressive 300Hz refresh rate (yes, in a laptop), as well as the largest battery size you’re allowed to take on a plane. You can also expect to see the latest 10th Gen Intel Core H-series processors and NVIDIA GeForce graphics.

We sadly weren’t given a release date or price range, but we can expect to see it release sometime in 2020.

Alienware’s 55″ Gaming Monitor

Monitors are always a big deal at CES, and this year was no different. Trying to narrow down which would make this final list was no easy feat. But, we just couldn’t resist this amazing 55″ gaming monitor from Alienware, the Alienware 55 OLED.

The OLED 4K display is simply stunning, and paired with a 120Hz refresh rate and a 0.5ms response time you get some really buttery smooth graphics. It also comes equipped with FreeSync technology and an infinite contrast ratio bringing you a totally immersive experience.

The monitor is available to buy now for around $3,999 so it’s definitely high-end. But, if you’re looking for a high-performing monitor on a larger scale, this is the one for you.

bHaptics VR Haptic Suits

Finally, we couldn’t do our roundup of the best products without talking about how much closer we seem to be getting to the fully-immersive experience in Ready Player One. We got to spend some time at the bHaptics booth and try out their version of a haptic suit, the TactSuit. With 40 different vibration actuators across the suit, you get to feel the action in your gaming across your body.

While haptic suits in general are still in the early stages, we had a great time playing games with it. Feeling shots in your back when you get hit from behind, feeling punches that land on you in real time, it all just adds to the experience. And, it’s not just VR, you can use this in PC games as well as with music, making this a really interesting product.

You can get your hands on these suits right now on Amazon for $499.

Final Word

Of course, there were so many other amazing products released and showcased here at CES 2020, and we’d love to include them all here. If you’re looking for more information on the amazing products shown at the convention, we have write ups and videos on all the best reveals here on WePC and on our YouTube channel.