LG CES KEYNOTE 2020 – Live Updates

The first day of CES is finally upon us with LG being one of the first brands to host a keynote speech showcasing some of their latest and best products for the upcoming year.

The keynote was introduced with a look back at LG’s history and soon morphed into how their new technology will be integrated into our everyday lives. We get to see a roadmap for the future of AI and how it plans to impact our life experience. All very exciting!

LG CES 2020 Keynote Announcements

LG AI In Appliances

AI is nothing new in 2020, however, LG plan to incorporate the technology into pretty much all aspects of our everyday lives for the coming decade. That’s right, fridges, ovens, TV’s, and pretty much everything else that falls under the LG branding.

They say their latest products have been implemented with AI that has the ability to learn inputs to build and develop a virtual memory. This, in turn, should lead to much better user experience.

Take their new LG R9 Vacuum as a prime example. The cleaner that can analyze the landscape and adjust the suction based on terrain. It will learn from its mistakes and adjust its course for future tasks. All whilst recognizing you as an individual user. Neat.

It doesn’t stop there though, there are other cool futuristic features that we have yet to discuss. The AI is designed to improve continuously with something they like to call, experimental learning. The speaker went on to say their AI actively searches for more info becoming “scientist like”.

Latest LG TV’s

LG has unveiled the arrival of 6 new TV models which have been implemented with what they like to call “Real 8k”. Technologies such as HEVC and VP9 will be included in all models to allow users to access even more 8K content.

All models will be equipped with a new, high-powered A9 GEN3 AI processor for increased performance and future-proofing.

Alongside the new TV’s we will see the arrival of LG ThinQ AI – a native AI that helps users to control multiple devices with voice commands. Similar to Alexa I presume. This will be incorporated into many of their models alongside Alexa.

Users will be greeted with more tech this 2020 with LG working hard to bring a cinema-like experience to your homes. This is thanks to LG’s new “Filmmaker Mode” that ensures the original intent of the filmmaker gets to be viewed. This was also backed up by Christopher Nolan complimenting the tech.

LG Gaming

There was a brief mention of the new dual-screen smartphone, the LG G8X. It comes with a bunch of features but they seemed to be concentrating on the dual-screen aspect of the phone more than anything else.

LG OLED TV’s will come with AI ThinQ, which we’ve touched upon, and will have self-lighting pixels to improve picture quality for gaming. Pretty standard as far as OLED goes. They laid claims to 4K gaming at 120Hz, but we’ll take that with a pinch of salt for now. We really aren’t too sure how any of this is going to go down with the new consoles either. 8K on a Playstation 5? That could be an interesting site to say the least.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it, a fairly brief round-up of LG’s CES 2020 keynote speech. We heard about some of the AI improvements they plan to introduce in most of their appliances and saw how LG and NVIDIA will be working together in the future.

How will that sit with AMD? Especially when you consider the Freesync implications that come with newer console models.

I suppose only time will tell. One thing’s for sure though, LG has planted a stake in the ground and it’ll be interesting to see what their competitors have in store for the coming decade!

We’re here live from the LG press conference at CES 2020. This page will be automatically updated with the latest announcements so keep an eye on it!