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Where to watch the Nvidia CES 2023 presentation

We expect to see some new hardware to launch before the tech show even begins

Updated: Jan 3, 2023 11:48 am
Where to watch the Nvidia CES 2023 presentation

If you’re keen on seeing what’s the latest releases, then you may be interested in where to watch the Nvidia CES presentation. As it will bring the latest news on what the company has to offer.

With the expected RTX 4070 Ti release date coming up we can expect to hear some news on these new products coming up. And so it is expected that the RTX 4070 Ti specs and release time will be finalized and revealed.

This may give some better alternatives to what the current lineup has to offer. And even a potential for cheaper options with an expected lower price as the 4080 12GB was unlaunched.

Where to watch the Nvidia CES presentation

To watch it, the special address will be live-streamed for free on Nvidia’s YouTube channel. You can watch it below when the time comes.

It is very useful to those not attending the media day at the physical location. But even so, this is happening before CES has even officially started so it is an early one to tune into.

But it does give them a few days to launch their product and get it out there before the main event. So if you are keen you have some time to prepare.

When is the Nvidia CES presentation?

Nvidia’s CES presentation is before CES even begins. As that is coming on the 5th of January, whilst Nvidia has decided to host theirs on January the 3rd. Which is today as of the update, so come back in a few hours to tune in live.

What time is the Nvidia CES presentation?

Hosted on the 3rd of January, the Nvidia presentation is occurring a few days before CES officially starts. So if you are planning to watch it you want to tune in at 8 am PT/4 pm GMT/ 9:30 pm IST/ 5 pm CET/ 11 am EST/ 2:30 am ACDT.

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