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You can now run Android apps on Windows 11 via a new update

Windows 11 is about to get a whole lot bigger

Updated: Feb 16, 2022 2:17 pm
Windows 11

Microsoft has begun to roll out its implementation of having Android applications run on Windows 11 in a mainstream update, which adds features such as various taskbar improvements, and two redesigned apps in the form of a new Media Player and Notepad. However, the Android app implementation is incredibly interesting. Many have been able to run Android apps via Windows for a while, but you’ve not had this functionality baked into the OS itself, until now.

Microsoft has partnered up with Amazon’s Appstore, where you will be able to begin to download Android apps for your Windows 11 device in the US. This is slightly frustrating, as not everything in the world is going to be on the Amazon Appstore, so we could potentially see this implementation diversifying quickly in the future to add support from other external app stores. Or, if Google is feeling up for it, the full-blown store becoming available on Windows. However, again, Google themselves would need to play ball with Microsoft if this were to ever become a reality.

Microsoft states that this functionality is just a preview, but you will still be able to run some of your favourite apps and games on the store. They boast ‘Over 1,000’ more apps and games.

How to access Android Apps on Windows 11

To access Android apps in Windows 11 natively, you just need to head to the Microsoft Store, and then search for your favourite titles that are available on the Amazon Appstore. This option is only available to users in the US right now. You may also have to update the Microsoft Store. Presumably, Microsoft will be adding in further updates which allow users across the world to get access to app stores worldwide, and are not simply limited to using Amazon’s offering. Cast a wider net, Microsoft, the possibilities here are fantastic and almost endless for users wanting to get an Android App experience on their desktop devices.

Microsoft states that they want to make these applications feel like they are a living, breathing part of Windows 11 natively, and have appropriate options for things such as resizing your application window, in addition to supporting your inputs via whichever methods that you might have available to you right now.

When will this be available outside of the US?

Right now, it’s safe to presume that Microsoft is currently doing this in order to ensure that all of these features and functions work on a mass scale before exploring expansion to other countries for this feature. They’ll also need to work out the logistics of bringing other storefronts under the Microsoft Store lineup. So far, only the Amazon Appstore is available, so you can expect there to be some delay before Microsoft brings further Android app stores into the fold for all users, and a worldwide offering. Unfortunately, it might take some time, and the availability of apps might also differ between regions, based on what App Stores you have available.

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