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Windows 11 upgrade : Skip the queue and get it right now

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Updated: Oct 5, 2021 12:00 pm
Windows 11 upgrade : Skip the queue and get it right now

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The Windows 11 upgrade has been released as of October 5, and Microsoft has announced the way in which users are able to upgrade to the brand-new OS for free. However, their official methods involve getting users onto Windows 11 in a phased rollout. However, with the release of the OS, they’ve also put up a page with links on where to download Windows 11 that you are able to easily access without having to wait for Microsoft to whitelist you through their own somewhat esoteric methods.

This is ideal for those of you who are eager to jump on the Windows 11 upgrade without wanting to wait for everything to get ironed out. Just be sure that your system is compatible with the brand-new OS before you jump in and try to install it, though the installers will let you know if your computer isn’t capable of running it beforehand. You can check out the system requirements for Windows 11 This method also comes with a couple of different caveats, which we will mention a little further on.

With that in mind. If you check Microsoft’s official download page for Windows 11, which you should be able to access here, you’ll find a few different methods of downloading Windows 11 without having to wait your turn in line. To ensure the best possible compatibility, you should also check out our Windows 11 CPU list, as it’s possible that older systems may not be able to run Windows 11 at all.

Before you download anything externally, double-check that the Windows 11 upgrade is not already accessible to you by heading over to “Settings”, then “Windows Update”, where you should see if you are already to access it via official methods. If not, continue to the Windows 11 official download page where you will be able to see three different methods presented to you.

How to get the Windows 11 upgrade early

  • Windows 11 Installation Assistant
    We’ve detailed how to use the Windows 11 Installation Assistant here. This is our recommended method, as it does not require you to manually mount the ISO or create a form of installation media and mess around with how your system boots in the BIOS.
  • Windows 11 Media Creation Tool
    This is recommended for those of you who are wanting to run a fresh installation of Windows 11 on your system, with no prior OS installed currently. You’dd need a USB Drive with at least 8GB of storage, or alternatively a blank DVD disc and a DVD burner. If you choose to burn a DVD, ensure it is dual-layer and can support the relatively large filesize.
  • Windows 11 ISO
    You can also manually burn the ISO yourself to a DVD, or alternatively mount the ISO via Windows 10 directly, where you’ll be able to then run it and install Windows 11

However, these methods do also come with a pretty big caveat: You might not get the latest updates when installing via any of the above three methods. This means that if you wanted to upgrade to the latest builds, you’ll have to either manually mount an ISO, or completely reinstall Windows 11 altogether. These methods are definitely intended for those of you who want to try out Windows 11 on a temporary OS partition and is not recommended for long-term use unless you are dedicated to reinstalling it every single time the OS wants to update.

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