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Chernobylite – The Underrated PS5 Gem of 2022

Why Chernobylite is a hidden gem?

Updated: May 23, 2022 2:29 pm
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Chernobylite is a First-Person Shooter with the emphasis on survival horror elements. The game was developed by The Farm 51 and published by All in! Games. Like the title suggests the game is set near the nuclear plant in Chernobyl. Even though the game got a high note, and steam reviews are very positive the game did not get the attention it deserves.

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Presentation of Chernobylite on PS5

The game starts very well and all the content in it is decent. It can be a bit repetitive after a couple of hours, but the key aspect here is the atmosphere. The foggy and green scenery fits perfectly to the tone of the game. It has some science-fiction elements where you play as a scientist in search for your missing wife. It is much less realistic game and involves a lot of monsters and even multiple dimensions with portals.

Visual presentation is very pretty. Considering it is not a AAA game it looks gorgeous. Especially the PS5 version we played. Comparing to the PS4 version it is darker and the lighting has improved very much. The sound design accompanies and fits all around perfectly and makes for an unforgettable atmospheric experience worth playing.

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Expect The Unexpected

At first you might think that the game is your typical horror survival, but it has a lot more to it at its core. For example, you have an option to create a base for yourself, that can be customized. The more you play, the more you expand your base, and you need to take care of the survivors. They need to be fed, and they need resources, but you can send them for missions and such.

The game is divided into smaller maps/sections. It adds a lot to the game. The first thoughts we had were comparisons to rebooted Hitman series or other polish game in Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts. Your choices matter! Another thing that is not typical for your survival horror game is that a lot of choices matter. It can impact the story, the world and your crew members.

Conclusion of Chernobylite on PS5

The game is definitely worth playing, especially if you like this type of games. It is a great way to fill out the void at least for the time being in the wait for Stalker 2.

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