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How to delete Google Bard activity

Here's how to manage your Google Bard history

Updated: May 31, 2023 11:15 am
How to delete Google Bard activity history min

Google Bard is now here! It is technically still in a testing phase but Bard is available in 180 counties. Google Bard AI chatbot looks to rival the likes of ChatGPT, offering users explanations, answers, and plenty of information on how to do just about anything.

The truth is that some people may want to ask Google Bard some rather strange questions or just like to keep their general internet history clean, so don’t worry, it is relatively simple to clear Google Bard’s activity.

What data does Google Bard store?

You can turn Google Bard activity on and off but when it’s on, Google stores your Bard activity in your Google account. When looking into the history, you can view your prompts, delete overall activity, and as mentioned, turn it off.

Google does not sell your personal information. Bard selects a subset of conversations you have and uses tools to help remove personally identifiable information. The conversation samples are then reviewed by trained employees and kept for up to three years, separately from your account.

How to delete Google Bard history

Before we begin, you first need to find your Bard activity. Head to Google Bard and then select “Menu” and then “Bard Activity“.



Choose the Bard activity you want to delete

Select which activity you would like to clear.how to delete google bar dhistory step 1




Now click the “X” and remove the activity from your historyhow to delete google bard history step 2

How to turn off google Bard activity

You can pause your Google Bard activity form recording if you so choose.



Head to Google Bard activity

Go to Google Bard, and then select “Menu“, and then “Bard Activitygoogle bard how to pause activity step 1



Turn Bard Activity off

Now click on “Bard Activity” and click the slider button to turn it off.google bard pause history step 2

Who has access to my Google Bard conversations?

To help Bard improve while protecting your privacy, Google selects a subset of conversations and uses automated tools to help remove personally identifiable information. Trained reviewers can see these sample conversations only.

How does Google Bard use data?

Google Bard does indeed use the data inputted into it to help train its software. Here is a breakdown of how Bard uses the data it receives:

  • Google uses its stored data to analyze the relationships between words in a sentence. In doing this it can identify patterns and in urn improve Bard’s ability to respond in a human like manner.
  • Stored data is also used by Google to help improve the accuracy of results which bard can create meaning as time goes on Bard’s answers will get more and more accurate.
  • Linked to the previous point is the fact that Google will also use data to help their AI software identify entities in text. This could be names of people, place, or organisations and should also help to improve the accuracy of the results you receive.

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