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Best PSU for Intel 13th gen CPUs

Looking for the best power supply for Intel 13th gen CPUs? Look no further.

Updated: Nov 14, 2022 11:36 am
best power supply for intel 13th gen PSUs

In this guide, we’ll help you find the best power supply for Intel 13th gen processors so your PC upgrade is not hindered by power limits. Without further ado, let’s jump into our best PSU for Intel 13th gen CPUs article.

The Intel 13th Gen processors are out in public, and the performance gains with this generation are certainly quite impressive. Intel decided to add more cores, higher boost clocks, and even increased the L3 cache. All of this results in a performance uplift that is significant for both gaming and productivity.

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However, there is a certain trend with recent hardware launches. As performance improves, power and thermal efficiency is taking a bit of a hit. This is true for both AMD and Intel, and even Nvidia to a large extent. People upgrading this generation will likely need new PSUs.

As such, we’ll try to help you find the best power supply for Intel 13th Gen processors. Before we get into our top choices, there are a few things that you should be aware of before you go for the upgrade.

Best power supply for Intel 13th gen: Top picks

SeaSonic FOCUS GX 1000 W

SeaSonic is arguably the most reliable brand out there when it comes to PSUs. The Focus GX1000W is an excellent premium power supply for 13th Gen processors.


EVGA’s SuperNova 850GA is an excellent high-end power supply that is also great in terms of value. It’s one of the best choices for mid to high-end gaming rigs. 

Corsair RM850X 2021

The Corsair RM850X might be the best PSU you can buy from Corsair. This 80+ Gold PSU should have no problem keeping up for years to come.

Power Requirements and TDP for Intel 13th Gen Processors

There are six SKUs in total for the 13th Gen Raptor Lake lineup. Each processor consumes a little more power than its previous-generation counterparts. Of course, the TDP only goes up when you move from something like the i5 13600K to the i9 13900K.

Let’s take a look at the TDP for each of these processors.

Intel 13th Gen Core i9 Power Consumption

  • Intel core i9-13900K | (Base) 125 W (Boost) 253 W
  • Intel core i9-13900KF | (Base) 125 W (Boost) 253 W

Intel 13th Gen Core i7 Power Consumption

  • Intel core i7-13700K | (Base) 125 W (Boost) 253 W
  • Intel core i7-13700KF | (Base) 125 W (Boost) 253 W

Intel 13th Gen Core i5 Power Consumption

  • Intel core i5-13600K | (Base) 125 W (Boost) 181 W
  • Intel core i5-13600KF | (Base) 125 W (Boost) 181 W

So, if you’re upgrading from a processor that is a few generations old, these numbers will look quite high to you. Sadly, that’s become the norm now, that’s why you likely need a new PSU. But what is the best PSU for Intel 13th gen CPUs?

Do You Need a New Power Supply for Intel 13th Gen?

The answer to this depends on whether your power supply has enough wattage for new hardware. Let’s not forget that you need to take the graphics card and other components into account. We’ll take a look at an example to further illustrate this point.

Let’s say you just bought a brand new Core i5 13600K. If you want to pair it with something like a 4080, you’re already looking at a power consumption of around 500W. That’s without taking the rest of the components into account. You always want to have a bit of headroom before you upgrade.

13th gen CPU installed

So, if you are building a new PC or upgrading to new hardware, you will likely need a new power supply with a high capacity. These days 750W is the sweet spot, but if you can for 850 then that’s even better for futureproofing.

To sum it up, you will need a new power supply for Intel 13th Gen if you are pairing it with a powerful GPU that was launched recently. However, this might not be true if you go with a GPU that consumes less power. Newegg’s power supply calculator is a great tool to figure this out.

Remember, GPUs have a huge bearing on what PSU you’ll need

Of course, what PSU you’ll need depends on the CPU you’re looking at getting. The 13900K is far more power-hungry than the 13600K, meaning you’ll need a better PSU to support it. With that being said, GPU has a massive bearing on the PSU you require. Make sure you have all of your components lined up before purchasing a power supply.

Best Power Supply For Intel 13th Gen CPUs – Overview

With all of that out the way, let’s finally take a look at the best power supply for Intel 13th Gen CPUs.

SeaSonic Focus GX1000

Best PSU for Intel 13th gen CPUs
SeaSonic Focus GX1000

Seasonic FOCUS GX-1000

Seasonic 100W




80+ Gold



Form factor

Standard ATX

  • Quiet operation
  • Generous 10-year warranty
  • Enough power for any build
  • Superb reliability
  • Pricey for mid-range builds

Wattage: 1000W | Rating: 80+ Gold | Design: Fully Modular | Form Factor: ATX

The Seasonic Focus GX1000 is the best power supply for Intel 13th Gen processors if you’re building a high-end rig. Of course, 1000W might be a bit overkill for most gamers, but if you’re putting together an ultra-premium rig, then you want to buy the best power supply possible.

Seasonic also has the Prime TX-1000 PSU. That one is also a 1000W but features an 80+ Titanium rating. However, it does cost almost twice as much as this one. Considering the Focus GX line is great on its own, there’s no real reason to go for the TX PSUs.

Furthermore, this PSU has an 80+ Gold rating, which is the best you can get in this price range. It is fully modular, features great fan control, and has excellent acoustics. You won’t find any complaints in terms of thermals and noise.

Considering SeaSonic gives you a 10-year warranty, this was an easy top pick for us.

EVGA SuperNova 850 GA

Best Mid-range PSU for Intel 13th gen
EVGA SuperNova 850 GA




850 W

80 Plus certification



Fully modular

  • Full modular allows for best customization and cleanliness
  • Eco mode as standard
  • 10 year warranty for a more trusted experience
  • The more expensive option for an average spec
  • A louder fan choice even with fan eco mode

Wattage: 850W | Rating: 80+ Gold | Design: Fully Modular | Form Factor: ATX

The EVGA Supernova 850 GA is our runner-up choice, and probably the more practical pick. If you think 1000W is too much for your rig, then going with 850W is the smarter choice. Of course, both EVGA and SeaSonic make 750 units as well, but you won’t save a lot of money if you go that route either way.

This is an 850W PSU, with an 80+ Gold rating. It also happens to be fully modular and should fit into a majority of cases without any issues. This power supply should provide enough power to even some extremely high-end rigs. 

Noise is not an issue with this power supply, and it’s quite stable as well. The only minor downside is that the cables aren’t that great, but you can always go the sleeved cable route for better looks.

Corsair RM850x 2021

Budget PSU for Intel 13th gen CPUs
Corsair RM850x 2021

Corsair RM850x

Corsair RM850x



80 Plus certification



Fully Modular

  • Fully modular for customization and clean building
  • Features maglev fan for the quietest and longest performance
  • Hybrid mode keeps the fan off until its needed
  • 10 year warranty to keep your PSU realiable and long lasting
  • Can be a more expensive option

Wattage: 850W | Rating: 80+ Gold | Design: Fully Modular | Form Factor: ATX

This Corsair PSU is not that far behind the EVGA one above. This is also an 850W ATX power supply with an 80+ Gold Rating. It also happens to be fully modular, just like the other two PSUs we looked at so far.

The RMx series from Corsair is extremely reliable. This particular unit is a tier A power supply on LTT’s PSU tier list. It’s not too expensive either, considering what you’re getting is of high quality.

So, the only problem here is that the cables are a bit rigid, and some of them might be a bit short. That’s not too much of an issue, but the fact that they only include 2 PCIe cables is a bit disappointing. 

You can get a third PCIe cable from Corsair, which you’ll likely need since the more powerful GPUs these days need 3 PCIe connections from the power supply.

Final word

That’s about it for this guide on the best power supply for Intel 13th Gen. Keep in mind, you can still go with a 750W power supply and be happy with it. However, considering prices and value, it’s better if you upgrade to an 850W to be on the safe side. After all, you want your new gaming rig to be stable for years to come. We hope you enjoyed our best PSU for Intel 13th gen CPUs article.

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