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Games to play while Roblox is down

Want something to tide you over? We've got some free recommendations!

Updated: Oct 30, 2021 12:35 pm
Games to play while Roblox is down

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Roblox is down and won’t someone think of the children?! Don’t worry, I am and I bring you some great alternatives to Roblox!

The Roblox staff have completely closed off the website for the time being, with no news as to when it’ll be back. All that’s been said is that it has nothing to do with the current partnerships.

While these games won’t particularly hit that roulette wheel of games that Roblox encompasses, these are mostly based off the more popular games inside Roblox that we’ve been monitoring over the last few weeks.

Genshin Impact

genshin rift hound

We’ve noticed since we’ve been talking about Roblox that a lot of these games have real counterparts, usually pushing the seams of Roblox’s creation engine to the extremes to provide experiences that just weren’t ever really intended to be in the game.

That’s why going off of King Legacy, a One Piece inspired title, we’re going to recommend Genshin Impact. You’ll not only get a pretty decent story and adventure but the same chase for the best loot in the game. If you’re a Roblox player that comes from mobile platforms, you can get this off your app stores as well!

While it’s free to play and a lot of the content is accessible without having to pay anything at all, the game does come with an intense gacha system – a random chance at weapons and characters – so don’t expect it to be a completely free ride.


RS3 Steam PR

The legendary free-to-play MMO continues to this day and fills the niche for those that want constant levelling up, focus on numbers and stats, as well as a sense of community.

While not the easiest game to just jump into, it’s no more complex than some of the titles offered on the Roblox store and I’m sure you’d be able to figure it out after a couple of quick Google searches.

Yes, there’s mobile versions as well.

Clash Royale

what does a nudge do clash royale

If you’re looking to jump in and jump out of games at breakneck speed, Clash Royale might actually be the one for you. You’ll never be in a game for more than five minutes, it’s heavily addictive and constantly showering you with that level of dopamine of “one more game”.

If you’ve got a competitive spirit and just want to check something out really quickly, without having to dedicate too much time to it, this is the game for you.

We have a couple of guides up on the website right now, making it the perfect time to jump in and stomp some lower-level players on your way to the top.

World Flipper

World Flipper

World Flipper comes from the people behind Gran Blue Fantasy, CyGames, and a Korean publisher, Kakoa Games. It’s a pinball RPG game with this great pixel art look to everything, clean UI and genuinely a lot of fun to get stuck into.

There’s a gacha element to it, but from what I’ve played, outside of the first ‘pull’ and entry gifts, there’s no real need to get bogged down with focusing on it.

The story is fluff, but this is just a quick and easy game to load onto your phone and pinball some evil woodland critters to death. I especially like that it doesn’t faff about when you load it up so you can just immediately have a few quick games and be off on your way. But if you want to get in deeper, the RPG mechanics and team composition stuff will keep you more than busy.

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